Who interviewed who?  There's Scopes Monkey Choir-- the podcast interviewing me.  And there's 365 Days of Astronomy-- the podcast where I interview them.  Welcome to an irrational approach to "music in a rational universe".

My take?  Well, it's in the aforementioned 365DOA transcript.  Did you read it?  Isn't that the point of the web?  Do I have to summarize it here?  Oh, okay.

Hai-ting says it best:  "The more I find out scientifically about things, the cooler I think they are, and the more attached I get to them emotionally."

She adds "people are afraid of science and somehow afraid that understanding something will take away its mystery and therefore its wonder."

The podcast goes into this in detail:
Can you mix astronomy with music, science with art, science fiction with real science? Sandy joins Matt and Hai-Ting of the ScopesMonkeyChoir.com podcast to delve into ‘music in a rational universe’.
Who are Scopes Monkey Choir?

Scopes Monkey Choir is a podcast produced by mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn and composer/songwriter Matt Schickele.  We chat about music in science, music in practice, and music in myth and fact. We mull over current studies, marvel at history, and nibble on audible oddities — all with a skeptical eye.  We don’t promise to stay on topic.


The ultimate point?  Does art preclude science?  Does science nullify art?  Can the two worlds collidge successfully?

Well, that's really up to you.  This isn't an exact science, you know.

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