Welcome to Traceback, where I find articles other people have written on Project Calliope.  Having publically announced less than a week ago and with just 2 pieces written, I can safely paraphrase Oscar Wilde: the only thing worse than being blogged about, is not being blogged about.  And indeed we are blogged about.

Jon Newton at P2PNet had the news out before anyone at "Music from space ready for lift-off! (Literally.)  Thanks for the early lead, Jon!

David Noel calls us 'badass-cool' at Echolot.  Okay, that made my day, equalling a private message from a friend calling me 'his favorite mad scientist'.

The very helpful Randa at Interorbital (aka the TubeSat people) emailed me SonicState's coverage of our MIDI from Space.  That's two in one-- SonicState covered us, and IO likes us!  Woo!

Jennifer Lanes talks about Streaming Media That's Out of This World! over at Audio4Cast... are music people quicker on the uptake than the science community?

And Hank from here talks about the stuffed mascot Bloggy Goes Cosmic.  I may need to weigh out stuffed bears to see if we can cram a Bloggy into our capsule.

To space,
Alex, the daytime astronomer
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