When I create original 'op ed' or educational bits for Science 2.0 (the movement, not the website), I often start with a podcast of the topic (over at 365 Days of Astronomy).  Then, I post the transcript or an extension of the podcast here as an article.  Finally, I can then draw from it when I lecture.  So the flow is:

   podcast monologue -> punchy article -> inspiring lecture

This month, I took a class lecture of mine ("What can you measuring about the Sun"), wrote a Science 2.0 article (clever title-- "Measure the Sun Yourself!"), then recorded it as a podcast ("Measure the Sun").  Put as above, it's:

  inspiring lecture -> punchy article -> podcast monologue

A bit of a different flow, hopefully you will enjoy it in its different formats.  And to all writers out there, yes, indeed, you should also present your better content is as many formats as your audience requests.

Until next week,

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