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Heidi Henderson
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About Heidi Musings in Natural History—meant to captivate, educate and inspire.
Palaeontology & Life Sciences—History & Indigenous Culture

Author of ARCHEA (960K views). co-authored In Search of Ancient British Columbia—the Geology, Paleontology & Archaeology of Southern British Columbia (2006); share with 12K Followers on Instagram & 16K on Facebook/Meta—Producer of BC's Fossil Bounty on TELUS Optik TV (2023). Host of the Fossil Huntress Podcast with 29K+ listens in 84 Countries.

FOSSIL HUNTRESS — PALAEO SOMMELIER — If you love palaeontology, you'll love this stream. Listen to the Fossil Huntress Podcast on Spotify, Google Play, Apple iTunes and 20+ Podcast Streams Globally. For ARCHEA & More Geeky Goodness, visit www.fossilhuntress.com

I am drawn to the stories written in our rock and projects that celebrate geology, palaeontology, First Nations history, language, conservation and stewardship. Fossil Huntress
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