U.S. Vice-President Kamala Harris has started to take on more leadership in the Biden administration, for obvious reasons. A President declared too mentally unfit to face criminal charges is likely not going to finish out a second term if he wins re-election, so it is important for Democrats to get voters comfortable with her today, or else the 40 percent of their party who didn't want him to run for re-election at all may not show up in November.

Her announcement about new standards for federal nursing homes sounds like a positive - seniors who are most vulnerable deserve greater protection - but like a California Governor doing a 'one size fits all' special minimum wage for "fast food" employees, when California has wealthy progressive elites on the coasts and poorer rural communities inland, the consequences for the people they're claiming to help could be severe.

Instead of fast food employees making more money, they got laid off, adding to a state with unemployment so bad they had to borrow $21 billion to pay unemployment benefits from the federal government(1), and now the Biden administration is making a nationwide mandate that only large cities will be able to afford.(2)

They can't, and history shows why. 'Equal access' is a platitude that is meaningless when it becomes equal access to worse than before. It is good for unions and terrible for the public the White House claims to be helping.

The Affordable Care Act, for example, said it would create equality for all, but did nothing of the kind. People on the exchanges routinely can't get a doctor they want while those who still pay into the system saw their rates go up 400 percent in a decade. Doctors who want to go to under-served communities are forbidden by law from starting anything with more capability than a tiny clinic. Meanwhile, the public claims hospital administrators are disenfranchised from patients yet voted for doctors to be banned from owning a hospital where actual experts can insure quality.

This ruling takes care away from the experts and hands it to bureaucrats who will be forced to create a 'one size fits all' standard, and that will price rural people out of the market.


(1) With a $70 billion deficit the state can't pay it back, so the state is threatening to levy businesses to pay off the unemployment problem the state caused.

 (2) Then they wonder why rural communities don't vote Democrat, even though the simple country folk that Democrats believe are outside a 50-mile radius of are 'Frisco and Manhattan are 'poor' and need more social services than the largest wealthy counties and states that do vote for them.