The International Energy Agency is estimating that global electric car sales will rise to 17 million by the end of this year

America is being forced into them, sales will drop this year due to lower subsidies, so that figure doesn't make real sense, and the only real basis for this claim is the always nebulous China. They believe China will buy 45 percent of these cars, yet China is a closed system where information is controlled by the communist party. They lied about their CO2 emissions until satellites showed giant clouds of emissions, and suddenly they went from nothing in public relations claims to number one by far, and then they had to ban all cars when they had an Olympics in Beijing. Obviously they lied about SARS-CoV-2 and got World Health Organisation hand puppets to agree with them, but even AP journalists are skeptical of that now, so the source for this 45 percent could be nothing but a communist PR outfit.

So 45 percent may be real, China has already said they are going to ban cars in one province, because dictatorships can just do that, but it could be complete nonsense handed to this group by the CCP. In the US, electric cars are only held afloat by a president who will prop it up with mandates and subsidies and stimulus plans and resulting inflation and a resulting deficit that is supernatural. Car companies forced to make them 'as a percentage' laid off all but enough auto workers to match the sales government dictated.

It's not just hurting the auto industry, it's not helping 'the environment.' People who replace conventional cars with electric drive those less and their other conventional car(s) more. So the emissions savings are as fake as the sales numbers. 

Electric Cars Are The Espresso Machines Of Automobiles

The maintenance costs are so terrifying that a company in the car driving business, Hertz, not only canceled plans to migrate its fleet to 25 percent electric, they are selling 20,000 of them - because no one wants to rent them and the insurance and repair costs are obscene.

This same group also contends that half of all cars will be electric by 2035, using the same 'black box' model; that mandates and subsidies are infinite. Yet consumers simply do not want them. Without similar subsidies for infrastructure, no one is building charging stations where they are needed, they will wait for President Biden to start mandating stations and writing government checks as he has done for the cars themselves. Even the ethanol industry thinks electric cars are too heavily reliant on White House Wishful Thinking.

If there is little demand but $17 million in sales, advocacy groups will claim that is a win - but it is a big loss for taxpayers and those now working two jobs to pay for the same lifestyle they had in 2020, except unable to afford an electric car to get there.