President Biden and his economists don't really believe in the free market, they instead believe that government 'primes the pump' of the economy, so if they subsidize and mandate something, like ethanol in gasoline or electric cars or solar panels, a miracle of capitalism will occur and the industry will take off. If they create inflation by giving $5 trillion in money to government union employees and political allies, they will curb it by raising interest rates. 

If bankruptcies double and people have to work two jobs to afford off-brand toilet paper, they reframe that as a booming employment market.

Government mandates and subsidies have never worked. If you got a new car during the last economic malaise, the Obama years, great, but that Cash For Clunkers program cost everyone else $25,000 per car, and let's not even get started on the financial train wreck of the Affordable Care Act.

Electric cars have not taken off because government ignored the science community and insisted they were viable, just like solar panels a decade ago. They just needed 'political will', which is progressive codespeak for the money of poor people who pay higher fees and taxes. Since electric cars were a ruse, they can't go on long trips and people actually drive them less than the gasoline cars they're supposed to replace.  Charging technology has not changed, the free market did not build charging stations they way they did gasoline ones, because companies new it was only propped up by government. They are waiting for government to pay them also.

Given that electric cars are moribund and auto companies are laying off people so they only have enough to meet the demand of the mandate/subsidy, the Biden administration has used EPA to do to cars with he did to a weedkiller he wanted to ban but could not legally do - create a standard so stringent that it's an effective ban.

EPA administrator Michael Regan. See my fact check of his claims on agriculture here.

Under the Biden administration, EPA has replaced scientists with epidemiologists, and that makes it easy to claim supernatural stuff like that new emissions rules will save us $100 billion per year in health care costs.

Where are all of the people keeling over from 2019 emissions? They don't exist, it never happened, this is Jobs Saved or Gained computer estimate based in the same lofty projections that assured us everyone would buy electric cars. Most of America has better air quality than remote Siberia, activist epidemiologists literally had to manufacture a new form of virtual pollution - PM2.5, one quarter the size of actual pollution, particles so small you need an electron microscope to detect them - to have a reason for more regulations.

The automobile industry has given up fighting the activists appointed to EPA since 2021, they just say it is unworkable, but they are not taking it lying down either. The unemployed autoworkers are in modern battleground states and because they are union employees, they should be siding with Democrats. Except they know their guy has thrown them to the dogs.