'In a high tide, all boats rise' is a government platitude about why they continue to increase taxes and regulatory costs while creating higher inflation, but markets are not a level playing field. If you do more work and I do less and we are forced into the same result, you do less because there is no point. Half of boats sink.

Only a Keynesian economist or someone else lacking basic literacy of the human condition thinks otherwise. 

That is why a government stimulus of $5 trillion did not cause all boats to rise. It was primarily for government union employees and their hand-picked contractors, so it instead caused all but 16 million boats to sink. Everyone who contributes money to the economy, not a drain on taxes like government employees, has to pay off that debt and is stuck with high inflation. Even a 14-year-old Dungeons  & Dragons player knows that if have an economy and introduce a lot of new wealth while goods remain fixed, the price of everything rises. Instead, the Biden administration seems to have taken financial courses taught in Venezuela.

It was only a matter of time before constant government tinkering created a problem down the economic chain, like with car insurance. Due to much higher costs for the electric cars mandated and subsidized by government, insurance costs have to rise for everyone. Nationwide it is 26 percent so all boats sank but some a lot more than others.

In states like California, auto and house insurance is not able to be charged by relative cost, it has to be at a population level. So people who buy homes in high-risk fire areas and then vote down mitigation efforts because they are faux-environmentalists can't be charged enough to offset their risk. Instead, the companies must spread the risk out. Instead of charging everyone in the US more because some people in California, and nearly all of the ruling oligarchs in state government, are scientific idiots, some companies have fled the state. 

The rest just charge everyone else more, as they are told to do.  As it goes with cars.

Because electric cars are not a product of market demand, they are a government-created scheme, the cost to repair and replace is high. Your Honda may not cost much to fix but a Tesla does, yet you will have to pay more because of repair costs 'in your area' rising so dramatically. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with wealthier people getting government hand-outs under the guise of environmentalism. Solar and wind have gotten $4 trillion in subsidies yet barely moved the needle in conventional energy usage.

Electric cars dominate in sunny states but everyone is forced to subsidize them. Rental car companies like Hertz are dumping 20,000 of them because government did not 'prime the pump', they propped up an industry few wanted. Maintenance costs are high, repair costs are high. People in 50 states pay more every time one shows up in the neighborhood while the industry has deviated to the mean of how much poor people will pay in taxes to help others buy a Tesla.

The same inflation is happening in car insurance. States like California will rush to blame greedy companies, the same way they try to claim In-N-Out Burger must be incompetent because they are fleeing from crime-ridden cities on the coast, but the fault is our own. Wishful thinking about electric cars and solar is fine, it is throwing money at products that are not ready to go widespread where financial disaster for everyone occurs.