President Biden was thrilled when Tesla announced it was creating a Tesla Supercharger network, because electric cars were not legitimate until they stopped needing government hand-outs, and few wanted electric cars until they were sure they could charge them on trips.

Which no company wanted to do because there were no government handouts.

Tesla believed it could solve the problem, and President Biden was going to add to an alarming federal deficit to give them handouts, but the problems seem insurmountable, because Tesla pulled out.

Other automakers had already reduced their manufacturing to only what the Biden administration was forcing them to sell, so they were happy to let Tesla be 'the pioneer that takes the arrow in the back' and now they are stuck with changes to a charging system that won't exist outside Tesla.

Without Tesla, the North American Charging Standard (NACS) system may be dead in the water. Projects will instead go the way of solar panels during the Obama years, when companies took the federal handout, did very little except pay themselves big salaries, and declare bankruptcy.

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Tesla can't take the money and go out of business the way Friends of Obama like Solyndra executives did, so they did what Google did when it discovered that political platitudes don't change the laws of physics - and simply stopped throwing good money after bad.

Companies that are not forced by Biden to make electric cars and paid to sell them are getting out also.  Hertz is selling 20,000 electric cars due to onerous maintenance costs and no demand,