In 2019, government union employees insisted they were so vital that private sector alternatives like charter schools should be denied any funding. In 2020, government union employees said they were so interchangeable anyone on a Zoom call could educate children just as well as humans in a classroom.

2019 won that debate, according to a new report showing Michigan students lost 44% of a grade equivalent in average math scores between 2019 and 2023 and 44% in average reading scores between 2019 and 2023. The authors of the analysis trot out the usual economic inequality stuff - Harvard will still make those claims despite being really unequal when it comes to defending Jewish people from hate speech or the rights of anyone who didn't check off cultural boxes getting that high-paying Chief Diversity Officer job.

Non government union employees not paying enough taxes is not the problem, it's bloated union jobs. Administration regulatory compliance take up an alarming amount of money. We have an entire Department of Education created by the Carter administration with no mandate other than to take money from the states and give it back to them, leaking funding in every link in the chain.

The shutdowns that government imposed were not based on evidence - epidemiologists tried to claim you needed a mask outside - and some of that is still going on now. This was the third coronavirus pandemic this century, and certainly the worst pandemic of the last 70 years, but it will be challenging for US agencies to fund dark money to China to help them investigate stronger forms of coronavirus as happened in Wuhan - and China and some in the US government tried to hide. If China wants to show they can be trusted, restore the database of 16,000 bat coronavirus samples they removed from existence while telling the World Health Organisation to deny that COVID-19 was a pandemic at all, and that SARS=CoV-2 couldn't transmit human to human.

Next time, and there will be a next time because coronavirus has been around forever, we need to think about the future of children, and not put their futures in jeopardy because of correlation to those with high co-morbidity risk factors.

Or just accept that government education has been in decline and shutting down schools had nothing to do with it.