Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, government health officials went to Congress to ask for more funding to help with Ebola. Prior to that they asked for more funding to help stop Teen Vaping. Prior to that they asked for more funding to stop the Prediabetes Epidemic.

After the pandemic they created regulations to keep landlords from evicting deadbeat tenants. They created regulations to force COVID-19 vaccines on everyone...except fellow government union employees. 

When they were missing was during the actual pandemic. Instead of being experts who had trained and were prepared for the third coronavirus pandemic of the last 16 years, they denied it existed. Seemingly only because a Republican in the White House said it did while the World Health Organisation did as China told them to do and denied it. After they were forced by the White House to acknowledge it, the CDC refused to send COVID-19 testing kits unless hospitals first proved the patient had COVID-19.

Let's read that again. 

It is clear that the group that takes 5 weeks to tell the public that organic lettuce has E. coli spends most of its time fundraising and very little time being prepared.

Then they sent kits with faulty reagents so they were useless. These are career government employees, not Republican appointees. The halls of government agencies are 9:1 Democrats. It is now clear that China was lying about COVID-19 and it is now clear that COVID-19 was weaponized as an election issue by career government insiders. 

Government regulators scrambling to hide their involvement with Wuhan research designated some people as 'essential' when due to government regulations they were really expendable. Meat-packing plants, farmers, nurses, all were disproportionately affected because government said they had to keep America functioning. Despite claiming to care about Black and Hispanic people more, they were also disproportionately affected.

Because they were disproportionately unprotected.

It's easy to be an expert after the fact, except that anyone who asked why we were being told to wear masks on outdoor walks was yelled at for killing the elderly.

Instead of being trusted guides for the public when it comes to scary issues, the Biden administration's CDC has gone even farther into ideological Gerrymandering. We risk having the government do to disease what they did to climate change; create an identity-driven tribal war, as Northeastern Professor Matt Nisbet termed it. The authors of the paper expressing concern dip their toes into it, advocating useless gimmicks like universal paid maternity leave, as if fewer nurses working would've help, when we know real protective equipment and government getting out of the way with vaccines worked.

Climate change has decades to be fixed but we've had three coronavirus pandemics so far in the 21st century; it is not going away. Which means we need to fix the politicization of science now.