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Are Trace Chemicals In Shiny Hair Products Killing You?

The dose makes the poison, except in academic epidemiology, where H-Index and citations necessitate...

What Does ChatGPT Say About Holiday Eating Health?

Data tools like ChatGPT, colloquially called Artificial Intelligence (if you think a fancy autocomplete...

Murder, Chemicals In Organic Food - Two Ways Thanksgiving Is Hazardous To Your Health

It's that time of year when activists, academics, and social media mavens hoping for media coverage...

Concern About Microplastics From Sex Toys Overblown

Microplastics are a kernel of biological concern that gets magnified by hype, like endocrine "disrupting"...

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Government forces automobile companies to sell electric cars - and then forces all taxpayers to subsidize the purchases. With mandates and subsidies, there is no free market and that means companies primarily want to make the cars that will generate the most profit, which means the most expensive. The opposite of capitalism.
Like the CDC manufacturing a prediabetes epidemic and pregnant women getting a scarlet letter if they have a glass of wine while pregnant, flossing seems to be a distinctly American phenomenon. Are we right? The British are famous for bad teeth, for example, and fiscal conservatives will say that's because dental care is not free under their socialized medicine. They must not floss, right?

Well, they don't, but it may not matter. Most people in Europe who have great teeth don't floss. They think it is humorous that we pull string through our teeth the same way European women wonder why their babies don't have more birth defects if a glass of wine causes fetal alcohol syndrome.
The biggest shopping day of the year is not Amazon Prime Day, nor is it Black Friday, it is instead on November 11th - Singles Day.

China has so many unmarried people they turned it into a shopping celebration.

In Sweet Lemons Rationalization, if you are unable to find someone worth marrying, you can declare you don't want to get married anyway.  If I say I don't want to date Heidi Klum, it is empowering and therefore not an insult that she does not date me.

That is the case with a growing number of Americans.
Halloween is the time of year when you are most likely to find out your significant other is a vampire - or vampire hunter. Sure, vampires can't be real and never have been, there can't really be hunters for those any more than there are ghost hunters, but History Channel is stuffed with people hunting ghosts, so let's light a science candle rather than curse your supernatural darkness and tell you how to get rid of your partner's garlic breath after they return from a night of slaying.

Halloween is just a few days away so prior to worrying about razor blades in candy or kids getting run down in the streets you may want to think about pumpkins.

They are full of toxic chemicals. Even organic pumpkins.

Andy Brunning, of the Compound Interest site, made this graphic for Chemical  &  Engineering News, but they have nothing to do with this article about the dangers of pumpkin chemicals. Theirs is informational, the snark is all mine.
Harvard University, and its anti-science allies like The Guardian(1) paper in England, are again claiming that meat causes diabetes.