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Today In 1975, Viking 1 Was Launched To Mars From...Well, It Depends. Here's A Tortured History Of Florida Space Coast Names

Viking 1, an unmanned U.S. probe headed for Mars, was launched on this day in 1975 from Cape Canaveral...

No Media Gatekeepers Needed: Over Half The Public Now Regard Scientists As Good Communicators

In 2006, when Science 2.0 began, it felt like the world was ready for a writing network composed...

If The Keto Diet Cures Your Migraines, You Don't Have Migraines

A recent paper claims the ketogenic diet (basically the Atkins diet, except you can't sell new...

New York City: Obamacare Led To A Surge In Unnecessary Ambulance Rides

If something is free, do you use it more? It seems so, in New York City ambulance usage for minor...

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If you are worried about climate change and don't embrace natural gas as a bridge to whatever energy wins the future - solar, hydrogen, nuclear - you don't understand energy density and emissions.
The never-enacted Obama Clean Power Plan was scuttled by the Supreme Court in 2016 and its defense later abandoned by the Trump administration. Though it is fashionable to claim that means Republicans hate climate science, the reality is it was an expensive mandate without a problem to solve.
Comments opened on the recent EPA nominations to serve on the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) established under section 25(d) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), since three member terms will expire during the next year.

The name at number 7 on the list(1) is of particular concern, because he would be serving on an EPA SAP after stating that the EPA SAP once called about a study he got published in PNAS was collaborating with pesticide companies. That, coupled with his reputation as a serial misogynist, would be an unneeded distraction for an advisory body that is supposed to be neutral arbiters of science issues.

For that reason, I recommended he not be among the three selected.
Decades ago, Velveeta had to be labeled “Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product" so that customers could have truth in labeling. It was not "cheese", said the government.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission even even told Kraft they could not even advertise that their "singles" contained five ounces of milk because of the implication the cheese might have as much calcium as 5 ounces of milk when it only had as much calcium as 3.5 ounces of milk.  Government was all about mandating consumer trust in labels then.
Raw dairy is diarrhea and vomiting waiting to happen, there is a reason heat pasteurization is credited with saving a billion lives, but a company in Australia has used a legal loophole to milk raw believers into buying their un-pasteurized product.
On surveys, parents believe they are doing a great job helping teens be more independent, but today's kids are just too immature.

That last part is probably not true. It was overwhelmingly people in their mid-20s who won World War II and put man on the moon, we're the ones who've now decided that age is not mature enough to buy health insurance. If we want to do the dishes it is the nature of other human beings to let us do the dishes, because other people think that makes us happy. Believing that someone else will eventually want to do the dishes when they mature is wishful thinking.