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Epidemiologists Link DDT From The 1970s To Modern Autism Diagnoses

DDT was banned by a politician in the US in 1972 and was banned a few years later in Finland, so...

HBO No: John Oliver's Awkward Support For The Anti-Vaccine Community

On Sunday evening, John Oliver of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" took a break from talking about...

Appeals Court Wants EPA To Ban Chlorpyrifos, Without Seeing Any Data

Environmental trial lawyers are thrilled that the politically friendly 9th Circuit Court of Appeals...

The James Webb Space Telescope Continues To Bleed, Other NASA Experiments Will Continue To Hemorrhage

Science 2.0 began 11 years ago, the year that the James Webb Space Telescope was supposed to be...

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It can't have been easy for former environmental activist Mark Lynas to change sides. His friends were on the anti-science side, he was a dutiful reader of The Guardian, where activists and environmental trade groups reign supreme, and he was adored there.

But he had an ethical dilemma. How could he talk about the science consensus on climate change, despite generous potential funding by corporations to say otherwise (no, really, anti-science people think that happens), while continuing to deny the science consensus in agriculture. Exxon's revenue was 20X that of Monsanto and yet even with far fewer scientists in climate studies they were not "bought off" as his side claimed about farming.
The days when environmental litigation groups like Earthjustice and Farmworker Justice had friendly voices in EPA and the White House seem like two years in the past. Because they are two years in the past. Where once environmental groups could write entire documents for the White House to repost in the name of the U.S., now they cry foul if organizations like Heartland even have email exchanges with EPA.
The American Chemical Society is a not-for-profit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. That doesn't keep their editors from lobbying against science and common sense, like when a team of authors in Environmental Science&Technology, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, are allowed to terrify Americans by scaremongering the American barbecue grill the weekend before Memorial Day.
If you are a scientist who received their PhD/MD within the past 10 years you can apply for the 2018 Sartorius&Science Prize in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy by October 1, 2018. The Sartorius Group is a pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider. The grand prize is $25,000 and a publication of your essay in Science while the Grand Prize essay and three runners-up will be published in Science Online.
To the relief of the real science community everywhere, the era of Chris Wild is almost over at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). That means maybe they can get back to finding carcinogens rather than manufacturing them.
Center for Food Safety, a controversial litigation group that has been shown on numerous occasions to be conspiring to manipulate the public about American agriculture, is in the news again. This time for paying former Democratic Congressman, former race-baiting Cleveland mayor, and current Ohio gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich to promote organic food and products by undermining the competitors of CFS clients.