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Despite Lacking Science, FDA Made 10,000 Vaping Products Illegal. Now It Wants More Armed Agents To Enforce It

It will be up to science history to try and gain insight into the reasons the federal government...

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms Are An Alternative Medicine Fad More Toxic Than Fentanyl

Online supplement marketers prey on consumers by exploiting the margins of President Bill Clinton's...

Is It Safe To Buy Food At A Farmers Market?

There is populist rhetoric about Buy Local but what few in the public realize is that the definition...

COVID-19 Made Stereotyping Of Asians Uncool - Mostly To Gain Political Traction

Only a few years ago, American colleges used a "secret sauce" of race in admissions that voided...

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It is an unfortunate reality in America that medical societies have an outsized influence on government policy.
University of Kentucky political science Professor Stephen Voss, who was plagiarized by Harvard President Claudine Gay, said it was no big deal. It was even expected she would use his work without attribution? He seems to think so. “It would have been quite natural for her to borrow ideas from me."

He didn't tell me that personally. I instead cited the source. Like you are supposed to do. It ain't that hard. She could have done it but did not, and yet he has no issue with that. He seems to be more upset that her plagiarism is going to lead to more investigations of humanities scholars' academic work, including by people 'not qualified' to do so.
Politics is about trade-offs. Perhaps a reason President Biden isn't better-regarded is because if Congress didn't give him what he wanted, he circumvents them with agencies he controls, such as OSHA with vaccine mandates, the CDC with rent control, and EPA to ban safe weedkillers and pesticides.

He can take a page out of Presidents Clinton and Bush 43 on how to do better if he wins again this fall.
If a doctor declares that they are going to another country on vacation to provide free medical care, they get a great deal of social currency from that. Ask a San Francisco doctor to travel to rural California to do the same and you'll be dismissed.
We're only two weeks into winter and a New York university is already declaring above-average temperatures in 2023 a result of global climate change. 
Everyone wants an easy solution to being more fit but the only thing easy is eating too much pizza. Since 2022 we've been treated to far too many pictures of celebrities with weird "Ozempic Face" because their vanity is stronger than their desire for energy balance.

You don't need a gimmick, you do need a little willpower. Commercial gyms love this time of year because everyone joins to honor their New Year's Resolution, they even pay stupid initiation fees, and then most are done a month later.

An easy way to save money on a gym membership, in order of difficulty: