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More State Run Liquor Stores May Prevent Suicides

Suicide is the runaway leader in gun deaths in the United States and a new demography paper says...

Utah Shows California How To Provide Real Clean Energy

Each year when air conditioners are needed, California has to ask EPA for permission to violate...

The World Is Richer Than Ever, But It's Not Due To Communism Or Capitalism, It's Science

There are lots of stories about the poor in America, and have been for decades. Smart demographers...

Sen. Sanders Still Opposes Nuclear Energy But The American Science Community Marches On

If you tell me an old white person in America opposes nuclear power, I can tell you how they vote...

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If you are a parent, or know a parent, you have had someone claim that if their kid eats sugar they get 'hyperactive' - that may happen, but only because a child has been told they get hyperactive and act that way, the same way if you tell a child rum cake has rum they may act drunk.

Biologically, it doesn't work that way. Sugar can certainly help you if you are diabetic(1) and "anti-sugar rhetoric is simply diet-centric disease-mongering engendered by physiologic illiteracy,” according to Edward Archer, PhD.(2)
A new study sought to analyze the chewing nature of four types of gum bases and along the way determine bubbling capacity also. Gums are generally oils, resins, and elastomers generally held in pleasant form by the gum base. 

So gum base is important to manufacturers. Chewing gum is a $25 billion per year business, 1,740,000,000,000 sticks. If humans chew each stick for 10 minutes, that is over 33,000,000 years we spend at it - annually. 

Common sense says that if you have a lot more people walking, often in dark costumes, and just as many people driving, plus more people drinking alcohol than would otherwise occur on a Tuesday, pedestrian fatalities will go up. 

Common sense is right. They will.

When science finally settled the debate between genetics and lifestyle regarding oral health, the world began to set new benchmarks for improved health overall. After World War II it was discovered that bacteria in our mouths create acid from carbohydrates, and that acid erodes the enamel on teeth, which will mean more decay and cavities.
Controversial social media video site TikTok has one supporter - a public relations academic at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

A recent paper, ironically in a journal from a publisher that has also been called predatory, argues that TikTok may be effective for encouraging women to get a pap smear, which aids in early detection of cervical cancer, which kills some 4,000 women each year in the United States. 
A new analysis found an increasing trend in psychotropic medication dispensation for Swedish children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. The results from from 2006 to 2019 showed consistent higher use than kids without type 1 diabetes.