With the solar and wind replacements touted by the German Green Party shown to be expensive failures, and environmentalists helping the German coal industry lie about its emissions to avoid blame for getting nuclear energy banned being exposed, the knives are out for the activists who drove Germany into such a state that German companies are closing plants and dumping money into America.

To Germans, even American runaway inflation and trillion-dollar subsidies for government union workers is an improvement.

Solar Uber Alles

A new investigation shows the German Green Party wanted to win against science at any cost, and an investigation has exposed that they lied to get nuclear energy banned - which meant more reliance on Russian energy, and now high prices and a moribund economy because Germany sent a few old ambulances to help Ukrainians in their war.

When Germans don't have science on their side, they do it anyway.

Even after Russia shut them off and prices skyrocketed, even as they imported wood to burn and turned coal plants back on to try and stem the energy cost damage, Germany still shut down its last nuclear plant. They wouldn't have done that except revealed documents expose that Economics Minister Robert Habeck of the Greens falsified expert reports to look like nuclear was no longer needed, when energy experts rewrote their findings to show the opposite.

No one thought closing their only remaining nuclear plant when they had to pretend to oppose Russia in its war on Ukraine was smart but they weren't just overruled, the documents were clearly faked so that it looked like many thought it would be no problem.

The fraud was so blatant that even German nuclear opponent Gerrit Niehaus stated the paper that it was “grossly wrong, especially in the introduction.” 

Germans will note that Americans should not preach on such things, President Obama famously overruled his own scientists on Keystone XL and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and ethanol and solar panels to promote his green agenda, and they are right, but even in the worst days of the Obama presidency, as bad as the economy was it never got as bad as Germany's.

Yet it is not too late. If Germans embrace science again in action, not just words, five of the last six German nuclear power plants could be reactivated easily. Then Germany could stop being The Sick Old Man of Europe once again. Leave that to France.