A new study has shown conclusively that no matter how many 'organic' industry companies give money to Environmental Working Group and Non-GMO Project to spread misinformation and doubt about their competitors, none on the market are free of genetic modification. 

Most of them were engineered before the "organic" process even existed and all of the strawberries we eat now were engineered in France just a short while ago, shortly before synthetic fertilizers were invented. 

Obviously they're not GMOs the colloquial way anti-science activists use the term. GMO was one patented technique and that is now off-patent yet they still they call everything from mRNA to RNAi to CRISPR 'GMOs' - exempting the Mutagenesis-derived Frankenfoods their clients sell under the 'organic' label. All modern strawberries were genetically engineered by experts who wanted larger size and more calories for wealthy elites - like King Louis XV, monarch of France.

Your expensive organic, shade-tree-grown, holistic, free-range, non-GMO, gluten-free strawberry is actually 100% an ultra-processed food that was genetically engineered.

Not much has changed since the days of King Louis, wealthy elites still love the imagery of peasants toiling in the hot sun growing food by hand - but it is just imagery now. Organic farmers use pesticides and fertilizer and gas-guzzling machines. The big difference is that modern farmers use pesticides that are far safer and less environmentally destructive than those getting sprayed in high quantity if you farm using copper sulfate or kill weeds in your lawn with pyrethrin.

Organic shoppers and paid toadies at Environmental Working Group can continue to promote fear and doubt about competitors while greenwashing their processes but the science community has always known organic foods are not 'natural.'

If that sounds hypocritical, hey, that's capitalism, and organic salespeople love capitalism. In under 30 years, from the time woo-believer President Bill Clinton forced his USDA head to create a panel inside the food agency staffed by organic lobbyists who were going to define the "USDA Organic" marketing designation for their clients, they've grown it to a $130 billion business.