Raw milk producers are dangerous, with 700X more foodborne illness risk than pasteurized milk which has had pathogens neutralized. Raw cheese has a better safety record because folk wisdom says that after 60 days the bad stuff is dead.

Proponents of raw cheese believe pasteurization, which has saved at least 1,000,000,000 lives,  "denatures" proteins and enzymes and kills beneficial bacteria but those may be irrelevant just-so stories, no different than the when organic manufacturing groups pay to tell the public that really old, higher toxicity pesticides that require more applications make their product healthier than weedkillers that are still under patent. 'No real standard' is why they can also slap things like "kosher" on there. USDA is not testing to see if it was made a Rabbi's supervision.(1)

If folk tales equaled science, Raw Farm raw cheddar cheese wouldn't need to be recalled. They say they age it a minimum 60 days so either they are lying or their process is so dirty contaminants are getting in anyway.

How to know the target market it wealthy elites in large cities; packaging. America has 2,200,000 family-owned farms but progressives opposed to agriculture manufacture nonsense about factory farms. Half of the millions of family-owned farms have a member working outside the farm for health insurance and make only enough to pay their taxes. Conventional farming is what wealthy white people in San Francisco should be supporting if they care about family-owned. Gluten-free, Non-GMO, those are either something they put on or just paid $2,000 to get a sticker.

Raw cheese sellers want the 'safe or closed' FDA policy waived for them, and want to create a "best practices" guideline but Listeria is much higher while Salmonella and E.coli are higher than conventional cheese. FDA contacted the company a few days ago and told them they had sold contaminated cheese in four states (2)

If you are a wealthy elite, you will shield yourself in confirmation bias and insist the risk is not much higher while The Benefit Is Science but population data shows it is behavior for wealthy elites. No one has been ill due to these products so that is good, but four states means that raw cheese producer claims they don't need product testing, a manual is enough and they should be exempt the way organic trade groups got their food exempted by USDA, don't hold up. Perhaps it is enough to have end product testing but artisanal cheesemakers balk at anything that would cut into their profit margin.


(1) Salt can be called such even though it may not be "kosher" at all. The term is colloquial, deriving from the need to 'kosher' meat by removing the blood, but the kind of influencers who espouse organic food, wild-caught salmon, and other unscientific mumbo-jumbo swear that kosher salt is better, even if it has the same anti-caking agent as ordinary salt, and so Whole Foods shoppers swear by it - often while condemning Israel on Twitter because coastal elites do that also. 

(2) Even CDC came late to the party and expressed concern after FDA interrupted their meetings to create new epidemics like 'prediabetes' to tell them they missed another actual outbreak. The worst was 2016 when they didn't tell the public about contaminated lettuce until 6 weeks later - but were busy in Congress trying to raise money to prevent a Zika problem that does not exist here.