Thanks to mandates by government forcing automobile manufacturers to make them, and subsidies for the wealthy to buy them, electric cars were 8% of purchases last year.

They would not be anywhere near that otherwise. Electric cars are not just a gimmick for the 1%, they are a gimmick for only the 0.6% and rental car companies, besieged by onerous maintenance and repair costs, are scuttling plans to add more. Hertz is the latest to say 'no thank you' to claims they need to get with the electric program. They have reneged on a commitment to 25% of their fleet by the end of 2024 and instead are dumping 20,000 of them to save money.

Despite the failures, President Biden wants to saddle his successors with the economic malaise he has given us. So he told his appointees at EPA to make electric cars essential. And Michael Regan complied, like he has every other time he's told by the White House to ignore science and do what POTUS needs. The president says he wants electric cars to be 70% by 2032 so his staff told EPA to create a new emissions standard so high that the only way to meet it is with electric cars

A Tesla in every house is the kind of thing an anti-Hoover would say. It will instead mean only rich people have cars.

It won't help the air at all, America already air so clean activist epidemiologists had to manufacture concern about PM2.5, particulate matter so tiny you need an electron microscope to see if that science has never shown to harm anyone.  Mandating electric cars is even worse. Any poor person who wants Xfinity internet or sees their electric bill surcharges (because they use natural gas) to prop up solar owners knows the answer - it raises costs. There is no competitive pressure if government says you have no choice.

Like most tinkering in the name of science, this is bad for those who aren't wealthy donors. Since President Biden took office the cost of food is up a whopping 44% while the cost of car insurance  is up 22% - because they cost so much more to repair than a conventional car and everyone is forced to pay higher insurance costs in 13 progressive states. Even baby formula is up 10% in cost due to Biden claiming he needs to protect us - while not allowing European baby formula into the market even if it's identical to US brands that went through a decade of FDA approval.

Californians have it worst. The state is mired in illegal debt - deficits are banned under the state Constitution - while regulations and taxes on everything have meant it takes $130,000 to even be in the middle class, and the middle class pay $26,478 more than the national average due to taxes and regulatory costs. The average monthly utility bill went up to $254 last year and will soon be $292, because energy is highly regulated and the state forces everyone not on solar panels to subsidize the wealthy who have them on their homes. Gasoline is 68% higher than the national average.

It is all insidious regressive taxes. Forcing the poor who already struggle for electricity, water, and gas to get to work to pay even more so President Biden can pretend he is saving the planet by mandating electric cars is ethically bankrupt.

Sadly, career scientists inside EPA know it is wrong when it comes to saving the air also, but they are not allowed to speak out. Only political appointees get to do that.