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About Richard . My longbet prediction: http://www.longbets.org/476 I am an origins researcher who is mainly concerned with the ecobalances that are produced by the "Goldilocks Enigma". My main interest is the physics and cosmology that is associated with the phenomenon, but the commonality that exists between the "flat" balanced structure of the universe itself, and these "eco"-systems, extends to include areas of research by Lovelock and Margulis, as well as that of James Kay, Eric Schneider, Dorion Sagan, and Scott Sampson. I am bucking the system of consensus science because none of these observations lead to a randomly chosen universe, but to be clear, this can only mean that there is a law of nature that requires carbon based life in the path of least action. I stumbled across the physics for this while studying gravity, and my simple discovery contradicts the cosmology of our current best theories: http://www.lns.cornell.edu/spr/2006-02/msg0073320.html I stick to it because it hasn't been refuted regardless of how many times I have challenged individuals or groups of the cutting edge, so I have a lot riding on null results from the LHC: http://dorigo.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/ That law, it turns out, is a thermodynamic energy conservation law that enables the universe to "evolve" to higher orders of the same basic configuration, just like we did, and for the exact same reason*. In our case it is to increase entropy more efficiently, as evidenced by our "leap" from apes to man to harness fire and beyond... but in the case of the universe, it means that the second law of thermodynamics, the arrow of time, and causality, are preserved indefinitely. Like it or not, this is "the" anthropic principle. And only dogma stands in the way of a complete theory of quantum gravity and the ToE: http://www.ontheknol.com/frontpage-knol/the-anthropic-principle
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