10. Benjamin Underwood can't see for squat but he gets around by making clicking noises and using echolocation to visualize the obstacles his radar sends back. Unless he was hit by a truck full of radioactive material and now wears red tights and carries a billy club, science has no explanation for this:


Want to impress me, Ben? Read this blog.

9. Telephone telepathy. How is it that sometimes you are thinking about someone and they call? Egads, can that be possible? Of course it can ... it's like wondering how it is possible that men think about sex and sometimes they get sex. If you are thinking about people all of the time but only know 50, chances are one of them will call when you happen to be thinking about them.

Want to impress me, audio guys? Explain how Lady Scientist magically knows an ex-girlfriend called "just to say hello."

8. Reading makes Justin Timberlake dizzy. Clearly he has a vision problem and is an illiterate sock monkey. He is surrounded by handlers who couldn't diagnose that for him?

Want to impress me, music industry? Explain how women who see Justin Timberlake get so dizzy their underwear falls off.

7. TV critics are dumb. Here are some quotes from critics when Star Trek debuted in 1966.

"[T]oo clumsily conceived and poorly developed to rate as an A-1 effort."--Boston Globe

"One may need something of a pointed head to get involved."--New York Post.

"Disappointingly bizarre hour...things better improve or this won't be a lengthy mission."--Houston Chronicle.

Want to impress me, TV critics? Explain how anyone ever thought this chick was hot:

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