There are people who consider themselves atheists because they cannot justify or understand the existence of God and they have doubts based on science. However, I will explain to you why I believe in God and there are for me no conflicts with scientific discoveries.

  • Atheists believe that life comes from nothingness, from emptiness, so they think there is nothing beyond their understanding. However, science is telling us that there really is no absolute vacuum as it has been revealed thanks to the technological advances of the 21st century. If you do not agree with it, do not hesitate to write it here on the blog.  
  • Other atheists maintain that life is the consequence of a series of coincidences that must be met with pinpoint precision, the product of billions of years of evolution. However, I confess that so many masterfully orchestrated coincidences make it difficult for me to accept this fact, because it would imply that thinking that time plays a creative role in life and leads to a question, what other explanation do you find for the fine-tuning parameters that number in the trillions of possible combinations in order for us to be here in this world. I do not want to believe this.
  • Science has taught us that our origin is perhaps due to the "Big Bang." If the atheist believes in it, he should think that the laws of nature are not created from nothing. The laws are the product of a creative intelligence, and therefore I ask: why then deny the existence of God?    
  • I consider it incorrect to think that the origin of the Universe is an act of chance since such a hypothesis would imply that there was a "prior" event. Understanding by chance the incidental or accidental event or the event without any apparent cause boggles my mind. However, nothing in science is a product of chance because they can be explained with the help of mathematical models when we know all the variables that describe this process, that is, chance is the product of our ignorance of the problem.    
  • Some atheists are in the wake of the mistakes made by the Church through the Inquisition, and other barbarities in their name, but I hope they understand that men were the true culprits, not God. We are men and therefore, tempted by sin and evil.  
  • Others believe in a God who needs adoration in the Churches, but in a personal capacity I confess, I go to the Church to find inner peace. God does not need me, I am the one who looks for him with the hope of returning to his home, the Kingdom of Heaven. God does not need me, it's me who seeks and needs Him.  
  • Physics tells us that everything is in balance and I ask him: there must be good and evil so that the balance is maintained. We are the product of that balance. So if you believe in the strength of evil, then you must believe in the force of good. So remember, the source of good is God.    
 So I invite you to debate instead of being a monologue of the one who believes and the one who does not believe.