Just a quick and humorous post for you.

I recently watched a program about human combustion on the Discovery Channel. On it there was a man who was attempting to prove that it was a real natural phenomenon.

However, his explanation left much to be desired. His theory was rather comical.

OK here we go. Human combustion is caused by a particle that is not known to science called a pyrotron. At which point I found it harder and harder to believe what this man was saying. If scientists can go about making up stuff because they can’t come up with an explanation – that’s the best job in the world. Even if it gets us nowhere fast.

 However, I may be wrong and the Pyrotron may exist and thus he would be correct. That I doubt very much though.

Thus, I am going to claim huge fame by definitively proving the big bang. Once upon a time there was a big bang. Four forces were there but were not fair. Three were stronger than gravity and we don’t know why. I know there is a particle called the Gravitron that is responsible.  I am so clever!

Alas, not.