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In this short post I wish to explain how to solve simple quadratic equations with Trinomial factorisation

To solve a quadratic equation in this form there are two main methods you can use to solve these either trinomial (also known as quadratic) factorisation or the quadratic formula. In this article I will explain the factorisation method.

In maths it is always easier to use an example than to explain with words alone.

I'm sure that you don't seriously think I would tell you how to destroy all of the science community - do you?

Anyway, what I wanted to explain in simple terms to you is the four things that everybody seems to get wrong and drive scientists mad in the process. These are:

The Light year is a distance not a time

It makes sense that someone may think that: as it has the word year in it.

But, the light year is a measure of the distance light travels in one year. It is not a long period of time as it is often used in colloquial conversation. Understand?

If so; how many years are in a light year? None of course.