Are plants really demonic oxygen stealing crooks that will sneak up at night and kill us all? Can plants kill you by simply respiring? This is what I want to look at with this post.

I’m sure you are all familiar with plants being removed from hospital wards at night or people (older people in particular – but not always) taking plants out of their bedroom.

The theory behind this is simple. During the day plants take in carbon dioxide and water (plus some light) this is then made into glucose for the plant to use and oxygen that we breathe. However, at night the glucose is broken down to produce ATP (Andesine Tri-phosphate, an energy carrying molecule) under a process called aerobic respiration. This means that oxygen is taken from the room in order for the plant to respire. In addition this process also releases carbon dioxide.           

We should have an understanding of the reasoning which does make perfect sense in one respect. But on the other hand we have to think can a plant strip an entire room of oxygen?

The answer is a general no. A plant takes in such a miniscule about of oxygen compared with the availability of oxygen and the carbon dioxide concentration would have to be very high in order for it to have much of an effect. Though if you were to live in an air tight green house stuffed with plants which are removed during the day, it may be lethal though it would more likely be your own fault for taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide.   

Thus I can conclude that unless you have an excessive number of plants (or trees), in your air tight bedroom, you should be fine.". But one, two or three plants in your room won’t be enough to kill you. You take in and give out more oxygen and carbon dioxide than plants do so you should take yourself out the room just to be safe – you’d be safer in the open with the plants than inside without them.