In recent years, we have access to a wealth of information thanks to advances in Information and Communication Technology. However, as will be discussed below, the increase of information does not imply more knowledge.
As tells us that knowledge is "the acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from the study or investigation; general erudition", while information is the "the act or fact of informing". So I can easily deduce that knowledge is the analysis of information. As a result, I believe that a knowledgeable society must be characterized by a constant innovation which could change our lives (remember that this term is not new and was first introduced by Peter Drucker in his book "The Age of Discontinuity" in 1969).
Let me suggest the following example to illustrate my point: we can all obtain information on how make a sheet of paper but few are able to handle this knowledge in order to be able to manufacture it. We lack the wisdom to be able to produce it at an industrial level. So I ask you, do you currently live in a society where it can be constantly observed the innovation in the social strata.
The question is, are we living in a Knowledge Society? I think not. It is a myth. We live in one Society that is just discovering its insatiable appetite for the news and messages which are generated worldwide. People are immersed in social networks and they basically communicate through chat rooms where they can read news at any time. So, when does one have time to seriously think? At this point, the analogy of a "lamb" that is carried away by the ways that define the others like a pastor of ideas.
For this reason, I define the followings terms: "Idea Shepherds" and "Information Lambs” to describe the tendency of certain people who are dedicated to making ideas with respect to those simply repeat the comments of others, respectively. We have evolved by adapting to out environment. So these data are surrounding us from all electronic and physical sources. For this reason, I would like to initiate a debate on whether we are really living in a knowledge society characterized by a lot of people with Idea Shepherds.