There are several movies as well as certain philosophical reflections, and scientific studies that consider that we are living in a world that can be described in a computer simulation, implying that our lives are unreal. Our existence is just part of a computer simulation.

This idea is not new. Many of us know “The Allegory of the Cave” or Plato’s Cave which is more of a metaphor than a myth where a group of people are prisoners in a cave and they are able to appear as a shadow at the end of the stone wall in front of them. Therefore, his concept of reality is reduced to images on the wall. Curiously, one of them escapes and leaves the cave and discovers the truth. Upon returning to the cave to release the rest of his companions, they call him crazy and end up killing him.

In addition,  let me point out that science is able to provide clues to a simulated reality. For example, recent comments by Richard Terrile, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, indicate that we are likely to live in a society where “Soon there will be nothing technical standing in the way to making machines that have their own consciousness“. This is in favor of a simulated world.

Technologist Elon Musk said in June, 2016 that “Chances are we’re all living in a simulation“. Therefore, I ask myself: How can I scientifically prove that I am not part of a computer simulation?

If we also rescue the argument of the American physicist and cosmologist Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he suggests that the Big Bang theory is just a laboratory experiment performed by a superior intelligence and we are just the products of an experiment. It is difficult to assimilate the fact that my existence is fictitious.

I am unable to ensure that we are the only intelligent beings in the entire universe that is capable of creating a virtual world and therefore it may be possible for us to be part of a simulation by more evolved beings.

In January of 2017, our universe was considered to be similar to a hologram in that all the information of our three-dimensional world comes from a two-dimensional surface, thanks to an observational evidence obtained by the radiation of the cosmic microwave background (vestiges of the Big Bang).

In fact, millions of dollars have been invested in the construction of The Fermilab Holometer that was designed to study the quantum character of space. The device consisted of a pair of laser interferometers that were placed together and would be able to monitor possible fluctuations in light rays. Therefore, this experiment might be able to verify if our universe is a hologram.

I will continue with this forum in order to highlight other related scientific investigations, but the crucial point is that I am attempting to state that we must be able to demonstrate that we are certainly not just part of a computational simulation. We are not just zeros and ones in a computer simulation developed by some third-party.

You may say that this demonstration must be absurd, but I encourage you to prove it, and hopefully we can celebrate being really alive without fearing a light popping out somewhere signaling a system crash, or a message that says “game over“.