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With some journals publishing 100,000 articles per year, you have to be truly naïve to believe they are all peer-reviewed in the sense that the public thinks peer review works. Journals don't pay for peer review, but they sure get paid, often even to publish articles.
In July of 1937, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan never arrived at Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean, on their trip around the world.

In September, the Deep Sea Vision team, funded privately by Tony Romeo, began scanning 5,200 square miles in search of Earhart and Noonan's Lockheed 10-E Electra aircraft - and they think they have location it.

Their proof are sonar images of a plane-shaped object 16,000 feet down, under miles from Howland Island, where Earhart and Noonan were supposed to refuel.

Image: Deep Sea Vision
Las Vegas calls itself Sin City, but there are few sins actually available. Having a cigar after a steak? Banned. Prostitution? Banned. The only big sin still legal is Gluttony, and you will pay a lot for that one, while Greed is allowed but stupid if you can do math. The house is always going to win eventually.

Still, if you are going to be a glutton, you can at least do it quasi-ethically; by only eating plants. 

A new analysis of Vegas reveals the best places to go if you prefer to avoid a normal human diet, but if we believed that was sound science we'd endorse organic food and get some of that $3 billion per year in environmental trial lawyer money.
Pseudoscience often rebrands itself under new names but never really goes away. Some people not only believe in acupuncture, they even believe in acupuncture for their coffee grinds. Other things have even less evidence, like chakras, astrology, and their more modern weird love child, the Enneagram.

Like The Flu Fighter Martini, just because Enneagram numbers are in The Guardian, official media outlet of the anti-science left, does not make any of it legitimate.
Harvard University is under cultural pressure, even from its own political tent, because its leader couldn't bring herself to condemn anti-Semitism, hate speech, and attacks on Jewish people by Harvard faculty and students. This would have been okay a few years ago, American progressives have long been opposed to Israel, but since Harvard targets microaggressions of all kinds, and 'stands with Ukraine' after the invasion by Russia, it was not just queasy but hypocritical.
Before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, nearly 20,000 coronavirus samples in a database ( were removed by the Chinese government. Prior to that, I had noted a suspicious passing of a Chinese whistleblower, Li Wenliang, who had been arrested by the government and suddenly died. Many other doctors were arrested for 'promoting' dissent.
Republicans are still pretty new to the anti-vax ecosystem. Sure, decades ago there were some religious fundamentalists who denied vaccines, but when progressive states like California, Washington, and Oregon led the nation by far - the California coast actually had more arbitrary school kid exemptions than the entire US combined - more conservative states like Mississippi and Alabama had vaccines for kids at nearly 100 percent.
The US Department of Agriculture believes that foreign countries may own up to 40,000,000 acres of farm land.

No one really knows despite the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act of 1978 requiring it. 
Like most of the Biden economic initiatives during his first term, the Inflation Reduction Act, along with trillions of dollars of other subsidies, were primarily geared toward wealthy elites.

If you want to buy a fancy electric car, government, using taxes and fees on poor people, will pay you to do so. They pay car companies to make them and mandate car companies had to make them.
California Democrats: Childhood obesity is up, we need more government regulations to protect people from themselves.

Also California Democrats: Let's start by banning sports for kids.

By the end of this month, California Democrats will decide if they should ban youth football. Sports are dangerous. It's for the children.
Marijuana industry trade groups are ecstatic that a Department of Health and Human Services report  stated there is one indication that medical marijuana is legitimate.

But news outlets reporting that federal scientists are saying medical marijuana is legitimate are doing the public a disservice; it was not scientists, it was epidemiologists, and the review was of papers where people anecdotally said it helped them feel less pain.

With the Biden administration throwing taxpayer money at wealthy elites, manufacturers, and companies willing to roll the dice on electric cars, Hertz enthusiastically gushed that they were going to be 25 percent electric by this year.

Instead, they have decided to sell 20,000 of them and go back to gas engines.
During yesterday's Golden Globes acceptance speech for best supporting actor, Robert Downey Jr. ("Oppenheimer") seemed to be referencing stage fright when he said "Yeah, yeah, I took a beta-blocker so this will be a breeze." 

Let's ignore that he is pretending he has stage fright, and certainly that accepting an award would give him high blood pressure or heart palpitations, and discuss what we know it really means; celebrities have jumped on the beta blocker fad for social anxiety or depression. Unlike fentanyl or xanax, no one will judge you if you keel over while on beta blockers. No one is worried your propranolol habit is out of hand.
Presidents Obama and Bush are good friends now, but they wouldn't be in President Bush held a grudge. While campaigning in 2007 and 2008, Senator Obama laid every cultural crime at the feet of the outgoing Republican. And when the housing crisis hit, and he made the economy worse with a stimulus package for government union employees just as President Biden did in 2021, President Obama blamed Bush - even though Bush warned in 2005 that forcing banks to justify why they turned down a mortgage while insuring bad housing loans, at the demand of Democrats, is what led to the housing bubble.
Even though author JK Rowling controversially believes that being a woman might be more than a state of mind, people bought "Hogwarts Legacy" in droves last year. It was the top-selling game, beating out new entries in the popular "Call of Duty" and "Diablo" franchises.

That is if current trends from November held up. December can be a real confounder because "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III" came out in November - and quickly rose to the number two spot. It could have beat Harry Potter but we won't know until Activision releases its numbers. Also impressive was "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom", because it was only available on one platform, the Nintendo Switch, while Harry Potter was also available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC.
How much corporate journalism health informations published each day is as evidence-based as the graphic on my coffee cup below?

Nearly all of it. And like 100 years ago, it was designed to advance an agenda, not inform public health, but journalists promoted it because they were part of the tribe saying it. In this case, there was an effort to push back the 'coffee invasion' in Britain. Coffee houses were all the rage on the continent and Big Tea was scared.

Nothing drove that home like saying British men would become French.

After Harvard leader (and Board member of Harvard Corp.) Claudia Gay dismissed concerns about anti-Semitism due to lack of protection from hate speech and violence directed at Jewish people, the broader community began to look at the scholarly work of this little-known activist who somehow was placed in charge of nearly $60 billion in money - and having a vote in hiring or firing herself.

There was an alarming amount of plagiarism, yet the New York Times quickly rushed to defend their political ally and reframe it as "duplicative language" - but that was not Joe Biden stealing British politician Neil Kinnock's life story for a speech, this was printed scholarship.
A CNN article notes that black students may now feel less inclined to mention their race when applying to colleges. They frame it as a blow against Affirmative Action by pesky conservatives on the Supreme Court, but removing racism can't be a bad thing.
In arguably their most important 2023 legislative move, Democrats have given California a state...bat.

The rationale was that bats are 'as diverse as California' so why government immediately chose an official government winner, the pallid bat, is as mysterious as why we have a state goldfish, a state marine mammal, and a state butterfly.

There are overwhelmingly 4,000 species of mammals so California has a way to go before they pick an official member of each.
Climate change conferences are always ironic. Wealthy celebrities flying in on emissions-belching planes while claiming they bought 'carbon offsets' from companies that made Al Gore so rich he is the kind of oligarch Republicans only wish they could be is always going to create skepticism.

Having it in a mideast dictatorship that funds terrorism using wealth it derived from oil is next level.

It's more ironic this year, that's harmless enough, yet more worrisome, because climate activism has increasingly been taken over by socialist activism, and a quasi-feudal belief in agricultural mysticism.