The science community is cheering while European politicians are seething, because Ghana’s National Biosafety Authority has approved 14 new genetic engineering products; eight corn and six soybean varietals.

Europe wields a heavy hammer in Africa. They subsidize to make sure they can compete with local farmers and then dictate to Africans that if they use any process that European NGOs want banned, the products can't be exported to Europe.

Ghana is rightly more concerned about becoming self-sufficient, and the whole world saw what happened when Sri Lanka listened to white elites in Europe and did what they claimed was viable; an economic disaster so rapid it nearly caused an overthrow of the government.

Africa does not have the natural breadbasket France has, the organic process meant bouts of famine for 10,000 years, so science is the great equalizer.

The companies that are behind the technology Ghana has embraced, Bayer and Syngenta, will send rich white people into apoplexy:

Ghana is done with earnest NGO employees telling them that scientists want to kill them - a French cow makes twice as much money in subsidies as a human makes in Sub-Saharan Africa right now. Listening to Europeans who promise welfare if they play along is not the way to self-sufficiency.

Ghana knows as well as anyone that European politicians and the anti-science NGOs they fund are not there to help. Not ever.