Environmental lawyers are teeing up to sue decaffeinated coffee companies. They just need the Biden administration to ban it, but they can't using science. They want him to use OSHA. 

As when the president used OSHA to circumvent Congress and mandate COVID-19 vaccines (he did not do that for government employees) and as he did with other agencies like EPA to advance his desire to ban products. 

They want the ban now in case he doesn't win the election in November. 

The reason they want to see it banned is the use of methylene chloride, but their only evidence is spreadsheet correlation created by epidemiologists at a group who were caught colluding with lawyers to get 'linked to risk of cancer' warnings on other products, like a common weedkiller. And coffee another time. And bacon. And toast. 

Decaffeinated coffees was invented in 1906 so if it's causing cancer, where are all the dead bodies? 

There are none. That's why environmental lawyers want him to use an agency. Those don't need science, they do as they're told. Thanks to 1984's bizarre 'Chevron deference' SCOTUS decision, an agency controlled by the president can create regulations that act as laws if it's in their 'mandate' - and President Biden has exploited that loophole by expanding mandates of agencies as needed. 

Aggressive efforts to use agencies and epidemiology to create regulations without science has caused trust in scientists to plummet in the last few years, a much different scenario from 50 years ago, when only progressives distrusted science while conservatives, liberals, and libertarians thought it a force for public good. Now only older liberals still do.