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I've long been a supporter of vaping devices because they are an effective smoking cessation and harm reduction tool for cigarette smokers. Juul is a successful company in that space, they came from virtually nowhere and had 75 percent of the market by 2018.

That's a free market success story, but then there were concerns about their marketing, specifically toward "nicotine naïve" - never smoked cigarettes - young people. I never bought into claims they were marketing to kids as strategy, though in a world of individuals some people employed there obviously said and did some dumb things.

But as their market share has plummeted due to controversy, nearly cut in half this year, they have perhaps demonstrated that their marketing efforts were corrupt all along.
If you are old enough to vote, you should know that government agencies do not fire entire departments when the White House changes residents. Instead, most are career staffers and it does not matter who the president is, they are doing their jobs, and many do them quite well.
Imagine you have a magic rock and you claim the magic rock helps people sleep. You get a President in office who believes in your magic rock and so allows the government to give you a special exemption from government rules which say magic rocks aren't real.

Then you begin to sell special magic rock labels touting that government halo, and soon groups line up to sell your magic rock labels to magic rock manufacturers for a fee. Along the way you redefine certain periods when you are awake as actually being asleep so you can include even more magic rocks.
When China makes the news with SARS-CoV-2 quarantines, it is never good. The first time was because the government had arrested Li Wenliang, a whistleblower who sounded the alarm that something pretty awful was spreading through Wuhan, and he died in early February of 2020.

They kept him in jail for 30 days while they told the WHO to tell the world that there was nothing to fear. American journalists and social media dutifully repeated it and even said the US government was racist for wanting to cut flights from China in early 2020. Li was long dead by then. Soon, millions followed while the communist dictatorship scrubbed 15,000 coronaviruses in databases from its Wuhan labs and closed the wet market where they assured WHO the disease could not have originated.
In the new Netflix film "Red Notice", the hijinks for the core of the film revolve around the eggs that Roman General Marc Antony gave Egyptian Queen Cleopatra at their wedding. The history of those two is complex and their relationship has been dissected/speculated beyond what I can do here, but I was fascinated by the three eggs he gave her.

Why had I never read that? It turns out I had never read it because it was entirely made up. You will like the film or not on other merits but the eggs had an air of "truthiness" because both Egypt and Rome were wealthy nations then, and they loved to impress each other.
In America, anyone can sue over anything and when it comes to a jury trial, facts and the law matter a lot less than emotion.

Though spectacular jury verdicts get the media attention, it's in the appeals process that science and precedent enter the picture. So a gigantic award resting on the allegation that a pharmaceutical company violated the state's public nuisance law because they marketed opiods - as required by federal law, because consumer groups claimed a few decades ago that sales reps talking to physicians directly removed consumer choice - and that it was wrong for J&J to be held liable on those grounds
Valve, of Steam gaming platform fame, has announced that its Steamdeck portable gaming device has been delayed, until at least February of 2022. Which means for nearly everyone who made a preorder reservation, July or later.

Why is that unclear? Well, because even this may be optimistic.

This isn't as huge surprise, when even big guns like Microsoft and Sony can't make the new Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 in stores.
If you have never played "League of Legends" - and most of you have not - you might think you'll have little interest in (1) a cartoon about (2) said video game, but that may not be true. In fact, the game may continue not to interest you (1)  but the series could be the first in a long line of must-watch programs if this quality continues.

Without spoiling the plot, it opens with a simple montage that tells a compelling story without a lot of needless exposition (we mean you, "Eternals") and draws you in. A kid, and then two kids, and some guy who is clearly the bad guy killing a bunch of people before he sees a crying child and throws down his weapons and carries them off.
If you read corporate journalism, you may get the impression that anti-vaccine sentiment never existed before 2021. That's not true, it was just rationalized (anti-corporate, distrust of Big Pharma) when anti-vax beliefs were held by the same political tribe as journalists - coastal residents in the US.
In 2021, there may be recognition it's better to release a game later than anticipated than to release a flawed game. "Cyberpunk 2077" may be the last of the AAA games that got thrown into the market unfinished. The backlash was substantial.

Plus, as games have become cultural behemoths, 3X the revenue of movies and 10X the revenue of music, culture also turned the guns on the industry. Where once you could quietly become a multi-millionaire while enjoying lunch uninterrupted, the Crunch work ethic recently came under fire - and names and faces became attached as Part Of The Problem. Following that, there were rampant claims of sexism and psychological abuse.
A few decades ago there were claims we'd fight wars over dwindling coal supplies and 20 years there were models claiming the "virtual" water cost of products like coffee would become such a problem there'd be wars over water.

Those both got a lot of media traction from sympathetic journalists even if the science was lacking. A new paper uses computer simulations to allege a new reason - climate change.
It's great for alternative energy groups to tout how much more solar and wind there is than 10 years ago, and how if some cosmic curve of installations continues indefinitely, fossil fuels and nuclear power will go extinct - but in the real world, where California has to jettison emissions standards and Germany has to go under the control of Russia to prevent blackouts, a world where everyone pays a fortune to get rationed energy is bleak.
Katie Couric recently revealed that she cut some comments by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said in an interview that she thought kneeling during the national anthem was wrong, because she ‘wanted to protect’ her. Couric said she felt racial justice was a ‘blind spot’ for RBG so she was doing her a favor.
In 1864, Charles Darwin gave a microscope (designed by Charles Gould for the firm Cary) to his 14-year-old son Leonard. Leonard died in 1943 but it stayed in the family - and now it is going up for auction; the only one ever offered to the public.

Other microscopes he owned are still at Charles Darwin’s family home, Down House, and the Whipple Museum.

Of this one, Darwin once wrote in a letter to his eldest son, ‘Lenny was dissecting under my microscope and he turned round very gravely and said “don’t you think, papa, that I shall be very glad of this all my future life”.’

Like organic food, alternative energy such as solar and wind are fine placebos for wealthy people - as long as things are good. When there is a shortage, we find out how poorly such alternatives work, the same way that during the early stages of the pandemic the cleaning supply aisles in stores had plenty of green alternatives while the public bought up all the Clorox, Purell, and Lysol.
For a candidate who insisted his opponent was colluding with Russians, it looks odd for President Biden to undo an environmental check Trump had placed on Russia - and will lead to unchecked CO2 emissions. 
Imagine I created a bill called Keep American Clean, and to do it, I intended to create pollution. A giant chunk of people would go along with it based on the name, especially if I am in their political party.

That is the claim made about the intent of California’s Keep Groceries Affordable Act of 2018. In a state that already has a stigma of social authoritarianism wrapped in quasi-benevolent racism, the bill prevents local governments from throwing any tax they want on foods they choose to ban. Foods that people of color happen to like. If they do that outside state laws, they will lose revenue.
Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good. The Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Asian Flu of 1957 eventually ended, without shutdowns of the economy. China never shut down, they have barely counted any COVID-19 deaths as coronavirus-related since last spring, and the rest of Asia is abandoning the Zero COVID goal. Should the US do the same?
Organic food is a $120 billion industry, and while that's a tiny fraction of regular food it is large enough that companies like Chipotle and General Mills have tried to gain traction.

But a large seed company? That is new. Bayer, secretly now Monsanto (as anti-science activists love to claim in their conspiracy tales), is rolling out organic-certified seeds.