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Anti-science activists and the environmental lawyers who fund them were giddy that a paper found Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in 45 percent of water they tested.

Oh no, let's run Big Science out of business. It's for the children!
College students who took out $200,000 in loans to get degrees in 18th century French poetry are hoping to get their stupidity waived before the 2024 election, but until then it's smart to look at jobs that are in growing fields.

Northeastern elites want to hire other northeastern elites and the magazine Newspeak took a survey of growing businesses and found that the top field hired by wealthy people in 2024 will be Rat Whisperer.

If you bought that New York City penthouse apartment from Jon Stewart for $17.5 Million when it had a market value of $1.8M an asset value of $800,000, you are not the victim of a victimless crime - if you are a Republican, anyway, it is just the free market when he does it - you just didn't know how to deal with rats.
President Biden and his economists don't really believe in the free market, they instead believe that government 'primes the pump' of the economy, so if they subsidize and mandate something, like ethanol in gasoline or electric cars or solar panels, a miracle of capitalism will occur and the industry will take off. If they create inflation by giving $5 trillion in money to government union employees and political allies, they will curb it by raising interest rates. 

If bankruptcies double and people have to work two jobs to afford off-brand toilet paper, they reframe that as a booming employment market.
In a 2019 Wall Street Journal article, I brought a "genetically rescued organism" some popular attention. It was the American Chestnut, which had been devastated by a blight that conventional techniques and chemicals could not stop.
In 1969, a fellow who felt that the eugenicist founders of Sierra Club were not militant enough in their war on brown and black people under the guise of 'population control' set out to create his own organization. He latched on to the most popular progressive positions of the day - nuclear power etc. - but declared the group to be in opposition to all science.
America was founded by people escaping European norms, like government control of religion and economies. Such culturally inherited individualism has served us well but government is now claiming that loneliness may be a problem. 

Not a problem like California manufactures with its claims about 'toxic stress' but because people are a lot more mobile. Fewer work in trades so they may not stay close to home, they go where lifestyles and jobs are, at least until they decide they want to buy a house.
If my son watches Lord of the Rings, and decides to take up a pipe, he can't do it until he is 21, even though a pipe is, by any scientific measure, absolutely harmless. Government says he is too immature until then to decide for himself.

What about taking Supprelin LA, with some real positives - it blocks puberty for young people who do not feel like their sex at birth - and unknown negatives? England is taking the precautionary principle about it and National Health Service has banned puberty blockers for cases of gender dysphoria or gender incongruence in minors. They're instead going to somehow conduct trials. 
If you have acne, and are worried about benzene because corporate media is touting that an "independent" lab - which happened to be paid by a group representing lawyers who want to sue - found elevated levels of it, you can relax.

In 2018, an International Agency for Research on Cancer did discuss benzene, but the levels were 10,000X safe levels. And they do not ever show what causes cancer, all they do is target chemicals and look at rows and columns of data from surveys and other papers, and try to claim correlation.

Folk medicine, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, wellness - it is all the same thing rebranded to be sold anew but one thing remains consistent; none of it is actual medicine.

Acupuncture is a placebo, massages are not evidence-based treatments, your Blue Apron "organic" food subscription is not preventing any illness, and so the Biden administration has rightly decreed that you can't use a Health Savings Account - untaxed funds meant to be used for medical care - and buy alternatives to medicine. Not even if you you get a doctor to give you a note saying it is real. The irony is that because his constituents overwhelmingly distrust science, his administration launched an unscientific  “Food is Medicine” initiative last year.
A lawyer who claims his client, a government union employee, got cancer from using the common weedkiller Roundup, is whining that his side didn't get to include "key evidence" from "the World Health Organisation" that it caused cancer.
Food fads in the 'food is medicine' space try to use science jargon - nutriceuticals (literal food as medicine), polyphenols, prebiotics, all so they can  promote fad diets around something new - like fermented foods recently.
A new paper in Environmental Science&Technology Letters (created a decade ago to ride the 'everything causes cancer' craze) claims that not only are 'microplastics' harmful - because in modern times we can detect anything in anything and if you can detect it, it is killing you - you can and should remove them by both boiling and filtering the water in your home.

It is so bizarre - we'd have been extinct 150,000 years ago if our bodies did not have the ability to harmlessly excrete lots and lots and lots of trace chemicals - that no mainstream media outlet would promote it.
So-called "organic food" is a gigantic industry, $135 billion in revenue per year, augmented by a corporate panel created by the Clinton administration that exempts them from real U.S. Department of Agriculture oversight. They can exempt any synthetic ingredients they want and still sell an organic sticker (and do - dozens and dozens of them) and have insider corporations that "certify" organic status, but only make any money if they sell the stickers.
Raw milk producers are dangerous, with 700X more foodborne illness risk than pasteurized milk which has had pathogens neutralized. Raw cheese has a better safety record because folk wisdom says that after 60 days the bad stuff is dead.
'In a high tide, all boats rise' is a government platitude about why they continue to increase taxes and regulatory costs while creating higher inflation, but markets are not a level playing field. If you do more work and I do less and we are forced into the same result, you do less because there is no point. Half of boats sink.

Only a Keynesian economist or someone else lacking basic literacy of the human condition thinks otherwise. 
In 2019, government union employees insisted they were so vital that private sector alternatives like charter schools should be denied any funding. In 2020, government union employees said they were so interchangeable anyone on a Zoom call could educate children just as well as humans in a classroom.
Is there room for centrist journalism in 2024? The Wall Street Journal exists, so yes, but that doesn't mean there is room for two.

Yet Jimmy Finkelstein, who owned he Hill when it was centrist, thought he could do it again, and had enough connections he could raise $50 million. Yet instead of spending that The Messenger money wisely, he threw big salaries at journalists who are economically conservative about their own funding even if the majority espouse the benefits of socialism - and weren't going to join any start-up unless the money was big. As in ProPublica money.

Ten months later the worst kept secret in media is officially out - $50 million gone. 
With some journals publishing 100,000 articles per year, you have to be truly naïve to believe they are all peer-reviewed in the sense that the public thinks peer review works. Journals don't pay for peer review, but they sure get paid, often even to publish articles.
In July of 1937, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan never arrived at Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean, on their trip around the world.

In September, the Deep Sea Vision team, funded privately by Tony Romeo, began scanning 5,200 square miles in search of Earhart and Noonan's Lockheed 10-E Electra aircraft - and they think they have location it.

Their proof are sonar images of a plane-shaped object 16,000 feet down, under miles from Howland Island, where Earhart and Noonan were supposed to refuel.

Image: Deep Sea Vision
Las Vegas calls itself Sin City, but there are few sins actually available. Having a cigar after a steak? Banned. Prostitution? Banned. The only big sin still legal is Gluttony, and you will pay a lot for that one, while Greed is allowed but stupid if you can do math. The house is always going to win eventually.

Still, if you are going to be a glutton, you can at least do it quasi-ethically; by only eating plants. 

A new analysis of Vegas reveals the best places to go if you prefer to avoid a normal human diet, but if we believed that was sound science we'd endorse organic food and get some of that $3 billion per year in environmental trial lawyer money.