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Passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, went into full force in 2014 and remains controversial for a few reasons. First is, of course, skyrocketing costs, with premiums commonly up 300% while with the mandate forcing people to buy insurance removed meant under a million people unable to get insurance are now covered but half of everyone who doesn't otherwise have health insurance opting out.

Second is that doctors hated it because it added a new layer of paperwork. It was up to medical staff to insure premiums had been paid because if they didn't do so, they were stuck without getting compensated. That is why nearly 70% of doctors won't accept ACA patients at all.
After Democrats passed the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, and the Obama administration tightened the noose even more, the smoking cessation and harm reduction movement outside Big Pharma products has been slowly strangled.
Environmentalists celebrated a huge milestone recently. An energy source they began to advocate after they successfully saddled lawsuit targets with the hydroelectric, natural gas, and biofuels they now sue to remove was able to power a whole country.

Unfortunately it was only for 0.06% of the time people want electricity.

That did not stop their political allies at NPR - your tax dollars at work! - from cheering, while absolutely being deceptive to the public in their headline. And then journalists wonder why the public trusts journalists down at the levels they trust Congress and other lawyers.
With Honest company stock down 83% in the last 18 months, co-founder Jessica Alba is making the media rounds to try and avoid a shareholder lawsuit. (1)

Nothing wrong with that, she has a responsibility to make them money. Unfortunately, she is still trapped in 2012 when it comes to marketing. She thinks she can only win if she tears science down. Her appearance at the 2022 Makers Conference did more than just lie about her products being safer, she tried to suggest that she faced sexism getting the company launched.
Scotland proudly boasts that their $16 billion food and drink sector doesn't use any GMO crops. They say they are helping to "protect health and the environment" but that is actually an EU claim made by politicians - no science body has found GMOs are worse for health or the environment. Most importantly, they want to be able to sell their food as "organic" and charge a premium.

Like Europe claiming they were switching to solar and wind while secretly relying more heavily on Russian conventional fuel, Scottish shoppers were only willing to be fooled as long as costs stayed normal.
Averages don't tell us much about actual people or individual risk. After all, the average man has fewer than two testicles and the average woman fewer than two breasts but that doesn't tell you anything about your risk of testicular or breast cancer.

Though abused by epidemiologists hoping to become expert witnesses in lawsuits against companies (an alarming number of participants at both IARC and NIEHS), absolute risk tells us as as little as averages, because '10% more risk' is silly if the relative risk is 1 in a million. Yet IARC, the UN body claiming to be the world leader in epidemiology, uses suspect methodologies and bizarre doses to claim things like drinking hot tea or eating meat increase your risk of cancer.
In California, the legislature does very little except add new taxes and regulations onto consumers while doing photo-ops about how much leadership they are showing.

In California outside pricey Sacramento buildings, it's less great. Already under the yoke of expensive electricity - poor people have to pay added taxes to subsidize million-dollar solar installations - and gasoline that is highest in the nation thanks to taxes, but now water is expensive also.

The legislature and governor are considered so useless - like 'a monarch in England' useless - that everything important is instead done by direct voter referendum. In 2015, voters demanded more water storage and infrastructure and the government has done...nothing.
Thanks to the Clinton administration exempting everything except legitimate companies from government oversight, coupled with loosened marijuana laws, the amount of THC in edible marijuana products is completely unregulated. And they are allowed to look like candy and other treats.

It's dangerous.
Can you be charged with murder if you have Monkeypox and spit on someone? How about if you slip some glyphosate into a drink?

You can be charged with anything, the government has an unreasonable amount of power to violate your rights procedurally, but realistically, no. Unless you fall into a vat of glyphosate and drown, it isn't harming you despite what the political science majors at environmental groups claim, and you aren't getting Monkeypox when expectorant goes awry.

Bees may be another issue, if someone can show they have a bee allergy strong enough - not just the anaphylaxis panic that shady companies like Mylan try to instill to get their EpiPens into every store in the world - to be deadly.
Do you rely on autocorrect? I often do, not because I can't spell but because I am not a typist yet look at the screen when I write, rather than the keyboard. Autocorrect is my friend because before I publish it will catch a lot. 

That doesn't mean I misspell words or have poor grammar, it means my giant fingers do poorly on tiny keyboards. Yet a lot of people do misspell words and lack confidence in grammar, as evidenced by an analysis of search terms. People in New York want to make sure they spell "jewelry" correctly Denver wants to make sure "bougie" is not ironically misspelled.
Take note, apes, this is not a Delayed Reveal. Your FOMO should be in overdrive, because Malibu is home to a wellness and fitness lounge and workspace, an NFT outdoor sanctuary to give you comfort when you don't have your shoulder cat nearby; the Rafi Lounge.

The Rafi Lounge is the brainchild of Rafi Anteby, who took a break from making watercolors in Cambodia to transform Academy Awards gift bags from cool SWAG to woke philanthropy opportunities that did very little philanthropy.
The United States Forest Service manages the nation's 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands. That doesn't mean they always do it well. Controlled burns are something that have been done for thousands of years, to prevent wildfires, and they were done primarily by people not paid to do it, so it's baffling that government union employees who have this as their career can't do it properly. And create the wildfires they are meant to prevent.

Twice. Where did they get these government do-nothings? Uvalde?
Today, as the second Monday in October, the U.S. sort of celebrates a holiday. Since the late 1800s, made a federal holiday by Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937, it has been Columbus Day, after the Italian explorer funded by Spain who set sail for India and stumbled upon the Americas.

I write "sort of" a holiday because federal government union employees get another day off but for kids in California, it is a school day. 
The American Public Health Association (APHA) is a 150-year-old organization open to "any persons interested in public health", if they are willing to fork over $225.

One thing is certain; the organic industry and its client base has money to burn, so it is little surprise that the APHA is hosting a panel by Big Organic's favorite economist, Chuck Benbrook, PhD. Benbrook is executive director of the shadowy(1) action group calling itself the Heartland Health Research Alliance after having been rousted from Washington State University, where he claimed to be a professor. 
Writing in European Scientist, Drs. Samuel Cohen, Penny Fenner-Crisp, Alan Boobis, and Angelo Moretto compare the International Agency for Research on Cancer to the Douglas Adams conservative science-fiction spoof "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy." The book starts off with out-of-control government that doesn't know why it does things, but using terms like eminent domain, on earth before veering to out-of-control government in space, including a self-appointed centralized research program that is out to discover "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" - and comes up with the number 42 as the answer. 
The number of people with multiple booster shots versus the original vaccines is marginal - and new survey results may tell us why. I don't recall ever having any issue from a flu vaccine, maybe it is in people's heads, but there are so many stories of increasing side effects with each new COVID-19 booster taken that some are worried that a harmless flu vaccine may get worrisome if taken in conjunction.

I don't know how biologically plausible that is but all bets are off with COVID-19. Prior to 2021, California and other progressive states were way out in front in vaccine denial(1) and that only changed once Republicans didn't want the COVID-19 vaccine.
There is no truly positive thing about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but at least it exposed European hypocrisy when it comes to science. Experts knew most of their energy was coming from Russia, not domestic solar power, and their "organic" food was also labeled such from the east.

Or from countries forced to use an inefficient process or be blocked out of European stores - all so Europe could compete without paying higher subsidies. Former colonies of Europe were banned from sale unless they obeyed Europe when it came to food.
In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton did something for his constituents that had a devastating effect on public trust in science - he exempted the supplements market from real FDA oversight, as long as they wrote in small print that their supernatural claims had not been evaluated by FDA and therefore had no scientific backing.(1)

Supplements are not always garbage, if you have a diagnosed vitamin D deficiency those supplements help you, but most of the time when they do something beneficial, it is only because they contain real medicine illegally. And the "endurance" market, natural supplements claiming to reduce erectile dysfunction, are only ever working when they contain real medicine illegally. 
Environmental groups who spent a lot of time and money promoting a Beepocalypse (and blaming it on a class of modern targeted pesticides called neonicotinoids) are getting really desperate to shore up their campaign.

They have been promoting a 1994 quote from physicist Albert Einstein who worried about the loss of bees.

Einstein died in 1955.

But that is just a detail when the goal is saving Gaia. The ends justify the means and all that. 

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.” 

Wait, what? 
If Product A and Product B are identical in every meaningful way, and Product A is unavailable, is there any reason the government should make it illegal to buy B?

No, but that is government. The Biden administration first created an infant formula shortage by overreacting to contamination in a small batch. Then the president said he didn't know his actions would create a shortage. Then after he was reminded the companies who make formula told him his actions would create a shortage he replied that they knew, but he didn't.