The northern lights as one would expect and see them if they were in the frozen reaches of Canada, Scandanavia, or Russia, maybe and maybe not.  However, a glow in the sky unlike anything most of us will see in the 48 contiguous United States of America was visible last night, and may be visible again tonight, and Sunday night.  For the first time since 2003 a G5 geomagnetic storm is predicted to hit us.   There have been a series of solar flares emitted in the correct direction and timing for the charged particles released to interact with Earths geomagnetic field.  These particles are either deflected by Earth's magnetic field or directed towards the poles.  The result of this interaction and interaction with our atmosphere is the release of visible light, and other EM waves.  These storms have at times resulted in power outages and other dramatic effects.  Usually only in far northern areas.  However, places as far south as Seattle, Boston, or Chicago may have seen and may again see an interesting light show tonight.    There are even some reports of seeing the effect as far south as Arizona.
To have the best chance of seeing any effect in any of these cities the best move would be to find at least local darkness, at a location north of the main metropolitan areas and look north.  In a place like Chicago being at the lake front north of downtown and with the bright light of the city well behind you looking north over the lake would give a chance of seeing this. 

Where ever you are in the Northern Hemisphere north of the tropics it might be worth a look. This is from Arizona.This article written with no assistance from AI. Take any imperfection as a mark of human authenticity from now on.