Watch: The Color of Space: A NASA Documentary Showcasing the Stories of Black Astronauts

The public perception of Black astronauts is best summed up by a line from the TV show "Archer"...

American Hostage Situation: Buffalo Terror Shows Why Crazy People Should Not Have Guns.

The racially motivated terrorist in Buffalo is just the latest example of people in our communities...

The Event Horizon Telescope Image of Sagittarius A* And It's Likely Effect On General Relativity Research. UPDATE

As a test of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity the Event Horizon Telescope image shows...

Event Horizon Telescope Images Will Not Look Like Artist Representations And That's OK.

Real astronomical images rarely look like their artist representations.  The images produced...

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Veritasium is still wrong by his own standards because he did not give the full real explaination which is rooted in the real theory of electricity and magnetism.  Quantum Electro Dynamics.  In fact with that theory in hand the way this works out is more straight forward.

It is very unlikely that Fermilab’s new findings on the mass of the Wboson mean that the standard model is broken. It will be exciting if it does. This is not to say that their experimental findings are wrong. Fermilab themselves propose the much more likely possibility that we need to compute the predicted values more precisely in the standard model. Another possibility that occurs to me is that we scientists need to both compute the values predicted by established theory even more precisely and also extend the established theory a little bit.

Don't Look Up did not win an Oscar tonight.  Generally, I don't care about the Oscars but then Will Smith legit slapped Chris Rock so hard that it made the Russo-Ukrainian war stop trending.

The harsh truth of nuclear war in our modern era is not that everyone would die right away but that hundreds of millions would die in the combatant states while hundreds of millions would have to survive radiation and starvation. If you are one who sees the flash, has time to Duck and Cover, and for whom the light is distant you are not in the clear. Instead, soon fallout will be upon you a deadly black rain, and black ash will be upon you. How to survive this if you have not prepared at all up to this point? Dirt and Distance are your friends.

Given the invasion of Ukraine and how both the US and Russia regard the ISS with deep pride our abandoning it would send a strong message to Russia.  There is no moral or ethical way to continue the ISS program as if nothing has fundamentally changed in the world.

War between NATO and Russia and its allies is a very real possibility.  Not a probability or a likelihood necessarily but much more of a possibility than ever since the aftermath of World War II.  Given this being a real possibility some hard information on how to survive a nuclear attack is in order.  In short if you are in the immediate fireball, blast, or firestorm areas of a thermonuclear attack there is not much that you can do.  For most people, the issue is being near a primary but nonmilitary target.   Major logistic infrastructure concentrations such as airports, seaports, petrochemical infrastructure, power generation infrastructure would be primary or secondary targets.  Major population centers are unlikely t