Reported Failure To Reproduce Superconductivity, But Replication Of Apparent Diamagnetism, At Room Temperature In LK-99

Last week it was claimed that a material that would be superconducting at  normal pressure...

Understanding The Great Discovery of A Universal Gravitational Wave Background by the Interational Pulsar Timing Array Collaboration.

What are gravitational waves? What are Pulsars and what does it mean to time a pulsar? How does...

No Uk Daily Mail, Humans and Dinosaurs DID NOT Live At The Same Time.

The UK Daily Mail published a story with the misleading headline “Humans DID live with dinosaurs…”...

Ocean Gate's Titan Submersible: A Suboptimal Shape and A Tragedy.

Most if not all deep submergence vehicles that take people to the deepest parts of the ocean have...

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Impressive research conducted at ETH Zurich did show that quantum entanglement applies to even macroscopic quantum systems. In that case, superconducting Qbits. They did not show that Einstein was wrong or causality does not exist at the quantum level.  Despite media reports over the years, on various great experiments, to better test quantum entanglement, Einstein’s Relativity still stands and applies even at the quantum level. In fact, the standard model of particle physics, tied with General Relativity for best tested theory in all of science, requires this to be the case. While the causality at the quantum level is not like it is at the classical level causality still applies because quantum correlations do not contain information.

Sabine Hossenfelder attempts to answer the question of transgender youth healthcare by applying a physicist mindset to the literature on this matter.   I've commented on this to her elsewhere, but, the fundamental error is applying a physicist mindset to science that is very different from physics.   Reading around the net some responses to this go on about how she's a "quantum physicist" therefore she knows more than psychologist about psychology.  This blog is as much of a response to that mindset among the public.  

Direct imaging of a gas giant is not totally new. What is new is the combination of direct imaging with an indirect method that allows better understanding of the mass of gas giants in other solar systems. Knowing the mass of a planet is crucial to understanding what kind of world it is. For example, if we were talking about Earth-like planets, a more massive Earth would have gravity so strong that land could not build up as high as it does. The result would be a water world. A more massive Jupiter would not necessarily be bigger but merely denser. A denser Jupiter would have completely different internal dynamics. While gas giants may seem boring, they are bigger than Earth-like planets hence easier to study.

The Restrict Act would ban anyone from accessing a online service ran by a US adverssary, which would mean any and all apps owned by Tencent.   Tik Tok is a very malignant and horrible app that tracks you in so many ways if it is on your phone.  So says even CNN.  However, this law is so sweeping it even mentions things like "Post Quantum Cryptography" and "Synthetic Biology" Some readings of it could imply that accessing such a service via a VPN would be against this law.  However, this act is not intended to go after Joe user trying to find dance or cat videos but is intended to stop such

Dark matter is thought to be 85% of all the matter in the universe but we have no idea what it is. All we know is that there appears to be something that exerts gravitational forces that behave like ordinary matter. One theory is that there are very old and very small black holes that were created soon after the Big Bang, primordial Black Holes. These black holes might be the mysterious dark matter that makes up most of the matter in the universe. Stefano Bondani, Matteo Bonetti, and Luca Broggi et al, want to study these black holes by looking at how they affect a very big black hole at the center of our galaxy, called Sagittarius A* .

Michael Knowles said at CPAC and I quote “Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely”.  He would claim that he means to get people to not engage in the ideology in public.  The thing is what do you do with all of the people who are transgender and what will they and their supporters do back?  There is a base of solid and settled science that says why people are transgender, that it is rooted in neurology and biology.  Transwomen are males XY who due to various genetic, and hormonal reasons are neurologically feminized in key regions of the brain.  Transmen