Jeff Bezos's New Shepard May Look A Little Phallic But It'll Get The Job Done.

New Sheppard will carry Jeff Bezos over the Karman Line 100 km or higher into the internationally...

Critical Race Theory And Anti Racism Are Not Racist Against Asians Or Anyone Else. The Model Minority Myth Does Not Disprove CRT.

A new angle of attack on the teaching of so-called critical race theory is that it is racist...

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two, VSS Unity Launch Context. Remember Burt Rutan.

Virgin Galactic has been working on Spaceship 2 for over a decade. It is a descendant of the Scaled...

On Critical Race Theory and The NEA. They Represent College Professors Too. CRT Is Not In Your Elementary School.

Critical Race Theory is a reasonable curriculum according to a new business item from the representative...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the College of DuPage. My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived... Read More »


Through two observations that match theoretical expectations for a Black Hole neutron star merger humanity can now place limits on how often these occur.  About once per month within a one billion light year radius of the Earth Black Holes and Neutron Stars merge.  We do not seem to see any from any from inside our own galaxy.  If we did the signals would be stronger.

Universities trying to teach a curriculum full of performative equity and inclusion are failing their students. Something which will cost Black and Brown people in the long run.  The way to teach about the intellectual diversity of humanity and to include all humanity is to just give an honest global accounting of it. That would include real diversity and equity.

Cornell University's accreditation should be called into question for having offered a course called “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos.  I cannot begin to put into works how vacuous this is.  One would compare it to the region inside the Schwarzschild radius of a Black Hole except that contains a lot of mass and energy.  The only conceivable excuse for this would be if woke students somehow got the idea that astronomy was “colonial” or based on White supremacy.

Right now, the cotton in the clothes you are wearing may have originated from slave labor of the Uighurs of Xinjiang (not) Autonomous Region of China. The Chinese Communist Party puts out propaganda which shows happy smiling dancing Uighurs. People happy to be relocated to “reeducation” camps where they must speak Mandarin Chinese and not their own quite different language.

Anyone writing that Einstein was fundamentally wrong has not understood General Relativity.  There are really two different things which are General Relativity.  There are the principles that define General Relativity in particular the Einstein Equivalence Principle.  Then there are mathematical realizations of those principles like the Einstein Hilbert Action, from which we derive predictions from the big bang, to light bending due to the Sun, to Black Holes, and gravitational waves.  So if you see a headline saying Einstein was wrong the answer is no.  His theories were incomplete descriptions of nature.

Let us take seriously that UFOs are real, but they do not make contact because we are too far removed from them technologically to be worth the trouble.  Scientists discuss alien intelligence in various ways one big way is using the Kardashev scale. This uses the energy utilization of a species that lives in a civilization, broadly defined, to discuss their capabilities and scientific advancement. On this scale us humans might not be worth talking to and should not expect to be.