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About Jerry I am not the famous Jerry Decker from Keely Net and have considerably different opinions than are expressed there. Three times retired from a long professional career, I’ve returned to Science 2.0 after a number of years in which secrecy agreements prevented me from publishing any scientific articles or comments. My scientific interests that can be discussed in public are micro structure of the polarizable vacuum, geometry of curl free magnetic vector potential, long base line magnetic dipoles acting as monopoles locally in curved space time, magnetic fields in deep space propulsion, synthetic gravity induction as applied to star travel, biology of living in space, and habitats of alien worlds. Mostly my opinions are written in books at the level of advanced high school students, and shared privately with a correspondence group. Recently I took a hint from Niels Bohr 1949 concerning Heisenberg Uncertainty and created a new invariant proposal for ZPE based on average oscillator energy E and frequency f. dE / df = hbar If true it completes the set of invariants and leads to a finite calculation of ZPE without further assumptions.
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