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I am a Dutchman, currently living in India. Following a PhD in theoretical physics (spin-polarized quantum systems*) I entered a Global Fortune 500 company where I am currently Chief Scientist.

In my blogs here you won't read about my professional work. Rather I will report on what catches my attention and makes me wonder when I gaze at the stars from the hammock in my backyard. Not the type of stuff I am necessarily most knowledgeable about, but hopefully the type of stuff that interests a wider public. What I hope to convey is not mere facts, but insights. So you may expect me to report on the amazing insights gained by the giants in science, but also on the minor insights that once in a while happen to cross my mind. Facts and data in itself can be (and mostly are) insignificant. Insights, no matter how small, I believe are worth some of our attention.

I am interested in a wide variety of physics subjects: from foundations of quantum physics, relativistic physics and quantum gravity, to statistical physics and chaotic systems. There is a lot of crackpot philosophy published on the internet on subjects like these. My intention is to find the right balance between speculation and hard science. In any case, where possible I will illustrate the stuff I am writing about with results from simple toy models. Occasionally I will use some (very basic) mathematics, but only when unavoidable.

(*) I have published mainly in the area of quantum many body systems, but also in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, statistical physics, and on the foundations of Quantum Physics.

PS. A hammock physicist is not to be confused with its close relative the armchair physicist...

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