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About Wes 37 yr old male, some college but mostly self-educated from Eagleville, Missouri. I don't have a degree in anything and on ssi so little work experience either. But when I'm not doing web design/development for extra money, I do love to read a lot about various topics and wanting to learn how to write. Hoping to use this site first to learn more, second to make friends with other scientific-minded people for discourse on just about anything, if I don't know much about it I don't mind listening and studying up on it for the next coversation I may have with them. And third I'd like to learn how to write intellent articles and possibly a book or two that I've started but don't think either of them would sell being there is nothing too original in the works. Just me ranting about my opinions on things. Thinking writing some articles on here will give me some practice I need to write something worth reading and putting out there. We'll see how well I do once I can find some topics to start writing about. Anything else you may like to know just ask I'm very open about myself. Interests include Science, Philosophy, Religion/Mythology, Psychology, Foreign Languages and just about anything else I come across to learn about.
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