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Henry Cox
About Henry March 2010 Hi, I'm a 62yr old Englishman, with as broad an interest in life itself as I have been fortunate enough to explore and experience I am, as is said, 'well read', though I no longer eat encyclopedias, in fact my eyes struggle to even see print these days, so any books are more likely read on screen than on paper Socially, I share house with Patrick Lockerby, and share an element of somewhat scatty wit with him, on philosophical matters, language, and the human condition, and other matters of interest, including computers I am father to a twenty something daughter, who I haven't seen for about 15 years, since her mother decided she no longer wanted me in her life, due to my not wanting to 'be' the person she believed me to be, since I merely am who I am - which is still a changing, growing creation, with a small measure of humour, but not enough to admit to being the cause of a divine birth, which she believes she had - and put in the press I have no female partner at the moment, as I haven't found one that is free enough to be and remain her whole self in a living relationship - is that too much?, I don't know, but it's what I believe I'm in need of for company Career wise, I have been many things, skilled with my hands, I have been various shades of engineer, with a sharp mind, and enough savvy to blag my way through life's difficulties, & CVs etc I was grammar school educated, at a time when the whole purpose of education was to get post 2nd war kids to university to make the world a better place, though it has taken me years to understand what education is really useful for, and undo much of what was crammed into me My parents ethos was 'Make do & mend' since money was short, but they were christian, with a small c, and taught me some useful life skills, like 'proper' discrimination, - knowing how to differentiate important factors, thinking, and dealing with difficulty, and I was brought up on/near the East London-Essex boundary, in a large main road house, though currently live in one much smaller, in Chatham, Kent There was a certain psychic phenomena in my growing years, which seems to have evolved into a 'knowingness' about things I've never experienced in this lifetime I have travelled most of Europe, and lived briefly in both France and Germany, though never owned land to call my own - just one planet is enough for me I have been an environmental activist and lost everything in the process, mainly due to the spite of certain government officials abusing their 'power over us all' I consider it a noble sacrifice, and not a lost battle, as now at least, we can discuss the environment - more of that anon I have been to the edge of life many times and even knocked on the black door, but not entered, but try to stay in the light - some may not understand this, but ask, if you're curious My health is continuing catch-up game - which I'm a couple of cards down on, at the moment I may blog about anything based on my experiences or interests, which is vaguely connected to science or the exploration of the understanding of life I may change this bio at any time, so if you feel inclined you can remember it My question would have to be - why is it important to you to know my bio? Feel free to engage me in chat, if anything tickles your fancy
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