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Rafe Furst
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About Rafe Rafe Furst holds an M.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Symbolic Systems, both from Stanford University. He is an entrepreneur, investor and business leader whose passion is connecting people, ideas and resources to make good things happen faster. Rafe began his career as an artificial intelligence researcher at Kestrel Institute. After seeing the first web browser (xmosaic) in the early 90s, Rafe left academia to co-found his first company, Pick’em Sports in 1996, which was sold to a public company in 1999. Rafe has helped launch and run several other successful ventures including Expert Insight, BugleMe, iTripTV, and a “black swan” venture fund. Rafe also sits on the Board of Directors of, or strategically advises, both non-profit and for-profit companies including the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Decision Education Foundation, All Day Buffet and LA Idea Project. In 2003, Rafe and his good friend Phil Gordon spent a year attending sports events around the country. As part of their Ultimate Sports Adventure, Rafe and Phil were able to combine two passions of theirs: cancer prevention and poker. Together they launched the Bad Beat on Cancer initiative that encourages poker professionals to donate 1% of their winnings to preventing cancer. Rafe received the 2007 Excellence in Cancer Awareness award from the Congressional Families Action for Cancer Awareness program. And this year Rafe was honored with the 2010 Cancer Champion Award for his work raising funds for cancer prevention and early detection research, and raising the level of cancer prevention awareness, through the Bad Beat on Cancer initiative. Rafe currently works on many projects that involve technology and social entrepreneurship, and is an active blogger on complex systems at EmergentFool.com.
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