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About Richard I am a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ( From the 1960s, I gained a Higher National Diploma in Production Engineering from North East Essex Technical College, then a Degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering from Brunel University ( and a Masters Degree in Non-Metallic Materials, also from Brunel University. Most of my engineering experience was in the aerospace industry, particularly with composite materials. I then moved into consultancy and business development, first with a large company, then independently. There were major changes in my life, alongside my engineering career, during the 1980s, the, mostly, after a major event and extended series of lesser ones, from the beginning of the 1990s, which are described in a soon to be published book. In more recent years I have been following, developing, my non-engineering interests. Following indicative developments from the late 1970s, through the 1980s, my higher senses opened up from the beginning of the 1990s in that I was able to see, hear and feel beyond the limitations of the physical senses, I became that which is commonly referred to as clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, at least in the classical sense of the terms. I also became a Spiritual Healer. The combination of my strong technical and scientific background together with involvements, experience and knowledge beyond, or at least stretching, current science, led me to become a Member of the Scientific and Medical Network ( I have yet to come across anything via my non-physical side that actually does not fit with what I have learned in over forty years in engineering and over half a century of involvement in science. As Newtonian/classical mechanics is valid, up to a point, where quantum mechanics takes over, so quantum mechanics is valid, up to a point, where other matters take over, David Bohm coming the closest, so far, to going further than that, in the science sense. Science is only a small part of engineering; engineers use science where they judge it to be appropriate and useful, as they do with other engineering heuristics. Latterly I have realised how much better the engineering method is to science when applied to the seemingly intractable in general, that which science cannot yet handle, has yet to catch up; the engineering method, as expounded by Billy Vaughn Koen in “Discussion of the Method”, for example, being pragmatic rather than dogmatic, building on what is found rather than dictating what should be found, etc., etc., the approach engineers took for the millennia during which they were eminently successful before the current formalized procedures known as science existed; science is just an engineering heuristic. My ambition, when circumstances permit, is to apply the engineering method in areas and fields of endeavour where science, or, at least, mainstream science, cannot cope, along with the experience and knowledge of such matters that I can bring to bear. It requires both a higher level of science and a different approach Currently, I am trying to finalise and send the manuscript of a book. It is 99.9% complete and the remaining problem comes down to one of “letting go”, being well aware of the storm of interest from many and a different type of storm from the self-styled sceptics, along with a parallel eruption of publicity arising from covered up public sector corruption in Hampshire, U.K., by which I was caught, though not involved. Personal Web Site
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