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About Tony Tony is a mathematical physicist and biophysicist with more than 35 years experience and is currently the General Manager of the Biophotonics Research Institute, Australia. He has written two books both published by Pan Stanford Publishing, (1) Self-Field Theory - A New Mathematical Description of Physics, and (2) Inside the Photon - A Journey to Health. Bioelectromagnetic and Electromagnetic research -As a professional for the past 34 years Tony has been involved in a wide range of mathematical applications. These academic and research involvements have been mainly communications, bioeffects, and medical therapies. For the past decade he has been involved in a research project Self-Field Theory (SFT) that had its genesis within his Ph.D. studies, a field theory that provides a unifying principle within physics and biophysics. At the very least this is a modelling technique with physics wide application, but it is also a mathematical formulation for providing analytic insight across physics. SFT revises our concepts of relativity, uncertainty and many other mathematical and physical concepts. It gives revision to quantum theories and is recently being accepted reasonably widely within the research community, although there is much education of academia to be performed SFT is distinct from classical Electromagnetics and Quantum Field Theory. SFT promises to yield new directions in traditional, alternative, and modern medicine, biology, energy production, earthquake prediction, global warming, cosmology, and theoretical physics to name a few fields where it applies. Because of the ubiquitous nature of electromagnetics at the faculty level, SFT will hopefully bring fresh impetus across academia, science and technology.
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