Think yourself to orgasm - sounds natural enough......but not for everyone. Some people, injured and unable to feel their genitals may be helped by new research

"The relation between the mind and sexual response is still fertile ground for investigation", says Barry Komisaruk, Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

One of the techniques that we’ve developed is to have the women in the scanner looking at their own brain activity in near real time. The question is, if we can see our own brain activity in near real time in specific regions, can we voluntarily increase the activity of that part of the brain just by thinking about it, just as we can think about moving our finger and we can move our finger? We can wiggle our finger. We don’t know what we do, we learned to do it as an infant because we got the feedback between what we see and what we do, maybe we can do something with the brain. If we see our own brain activity, maybe we can make a change and maybe that’s going to change the way we feel, or the way we move. So, this is a new technology of near real time brain imaging with unlimited frontiers. We don’t really know how far we can go with that. But it’s a new approach.
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This post was inspired by Andrea Kuszewski's post  and the notion that it all comes naturally, unless you are one of those to whom it doesn't

Realtime feedback has been used in diagnosing cerebral damage or pathologies and other fields, for example meditation devices or athletic performance training, ....

....but how many people would benefit from having better orgasms, or achieving one at all!

Don't laugh, some people really struggle with this and the stigma associated with 'an expectancy to perform' causes much suffering to many people of both genders, and even suicide in extreme cases, so this could give new insights into the relationship between our brains and what should be a most natural function

May your lives be full and fruity ;-)