Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims A Legacy Hijacked By The Oppressive Puritans.

The Pilgrims were not the same group as the Puritans who many Americans, especially but not...

Gravitational Waves In 3D, Thoughts On Visualization Of A Fundamentally Different Astronomical Messenger.

One of the strongest results that Astronomy can produce is an image, a picture of a distant natural...

MicroBooNE Finds No Hint Of Sterile Neutrino. Science Advances By What We Do Not Find Too.

MicroBooNE did not find the sterile neutrino which it was designed to instead it found the absence...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the College of DuPage. My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived... Read More »

Arecibo while no longer unique in design since China built a similar and larger telescope was special. What should replace it is something that will exceed what it is able to do. There is already a well formed plan for such a radio telescope using a properly chosen lunar crater. Taking an existing landform and using it for the dish reduces the work that needs to be done. Locating this hypothetical observatory on the Moon’s far side would shield it from most all man made radio noise. Combining data from a Moon based radio telescope with that from Earth based radio telescopes could result in data of a detail that we may not match for another century. This is doable with current technology.

There is only one valid, not breathtakingly hypocritical opinion anyone who has claimed to believe in science can have on this vaccine.  Give it to me fast and strong.. give me that vaccine ASAP.

Democrats favor LGBT people in the culture war but seem to favor only certain kinds of science, not including space exploration or high energy physics.   Two areas where fundamental physics expertise is of value. Too often science priorities are viewed as another front in the culture war.  Joe Biden is likely above that, but the rest of his party has historically had a habit of cutting funding to major science projects.  First let me present evidence for this fact both past and current, then I will reflect.

If there is some government conspiracy to hide the existence of extra-terrestrial life then the current president would be the man to declassify all of it.  So, in the unlikely hope the president sees this I ask, in all seriousness, with some humor thrown in… how about it?   What can anyone do to you that hasn’t already been done? The thing about loosing a presidential election would be after it… you can’t really ever loose again.  So, if in the end, once all the court cases are over, and the recounts, and the shenanigans you loose why not draw a bright line under it?

Building a green energy infrastructure will take energy.  That means we need to use the energy sources we have, fossil fuels, to build out the infrastructure we want.  Solar, wind, and in any realistic scenario nuclear.

Making windmills that means burning fossil fuels until we have a green infrastructure which it self will need to be built out using fossil fuels.

If graduation numbers are so important that they will give degrees to dead people,then don’t work there. LGBT scientists in academe now are highly vulnerable to the phenomena of adjunctification. A career that used to have as a common outcome finding a job which was permanent if one was objectively competent has become gig work. 

Gig work that requires a Masters or a Doctorate to get.