Without bringing up anything else Matt Walsh has talked about lately anyone around his age would know about the banning of CFC’s and the Ozone hole. The banning of CFC’s changed how we cool our houses, and how we apply deodorant or hair products. They were used as propellants that were not flammable. They were used as coolants etc.

Thanks to banning them and phasing them out we were able to stop the ozone depletion that by now would’ve made going outside dangerous due to exposure to too much UV light.

There is so much proof of the Ozone hole having been an issue that it is like arguing for a flat Earth at this point. It is just plain idiotic to question this. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220321-what-happened-to-the-worlds-ozone-hole

The hole in Walsh’s logic here is that he seems to think that if we do something about a non-obvious problem before it becomes an obvious problem then it wasn’t a problem.

It is equivalent to a person, before germ theory became common sense, denying disinfecting and bandaging a wound is what stopped them from dying.

Walsh deals in the obvious and the simple and denies that which is subtle or nuanced. This explains everything about him. Almost everything, it does not explain why he, and those like him, are unable to grasp that other people see more shades of grey and colors of the spectrum.

In short, he is like a color-blind person who thinks everyone who can see color is lying who then has convinced other color blind people to think like he does. This is what makes him not just harmlessly wrong but a full-fledged idiot and ideologue.