Robert Zubrin's Credible Proposal to Save the ISS From Destruction.

Robert Zubrin, a great Aerospace Engineer and advocate for human space exploration, has a credible...

The Northern Lights Seen As Far South As Arizona. G5 Magnetic Storm To Continue Through Sunday.

The northern lights as one would expect and see them if they were in the frozen reaches of Canada...

DEI Without Compromise: Embracing Diversity in the LISA Global Scientific Collaboration. A ESA NASA Project.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have become buzzwords often debated within the United States...

Avi Loeb And Aliens: The Right And Wrong of Science Funding. (Also Bing Image Search Brings up Porno When you Search for him)

Avi Loeb he prolific Harvard astrophysicist, dances on the edge of cosmic controversy. His research...

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My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived in Bellwood, IL since 1984 and attended public schools here... Read More »


On coverage of the Ohio train derailment remembers the issue isn’t scary chemical names it’s what the chemical compounds are and their concentrations in the environment that are an issue. Anyone who tells you a big black cloud of chemical smoke is good to breath or ok to breath is obviously lying. At the same time don’t be scared by merely referring to normal substances by their chemical names.  The mainstream media is rightly not overblowing this disaster.  It is bad.  You wouldn't want to consume the released substances.  At the same time, it is not anything like Chernobyl. 

We already know Chat GPT and the tech behind it can replace comedy acts. Right now a new ongoing stream of “news” totally made up news like stories, is being powered by Chat GPT and animated using the Unreal video game engine. Unreal engine a 3D game engine for which the source is available on Github. It is only a matter of time before realistic enough, GPT powered commentary is added to news feeds. "News" here is in scare quotes because it's not like reading a RSS feed and applying some Chat GPT driven reaction to it. Right now it uses GPT to create news items based on things given to it through twitch chat. That said the graphics generation via Unreal engine is of interest as the result is far better graphics.

Chat GPT is known to respond to prompts and will give back what it is asked for.  So I asked it to define the word woman from a purely scientific perspective.  This should be straight forward right.  To many who are anti trans “science” means only certain sciences that they believe in but excludes those they don’t.  In short, they cherry pick whole fields, then only information within fields like biology, or chemistry, or physics that conform to their dogmas. To an extent both sides of this debate do this because it is not about science but about social mores, legalities, and policies. So, I asked Chat GPT.  Chat GPT will at the very least not respond based on a gut reaction in either direction.

One Drive a service many Windows users rely on for storage and, unadvisedly as backup, is down.  This will be especially bothersome for devices that have smaller internal drives and rely on the cloud for storage, and for certain office apps that rely on the cloud. 

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Chaya Raichick also known as LibsOfTikTok on Twitter has stated that LGBT people are evil and want to recruit children to be gay. This is not a matter of opinion, but much science has been done looking into the causation of LGBT identification. It is clear that the LGBT mating strategies found in humans are a matter of biology and neurology not just psychology and sociology. All those sciences, yes all of those are science, play a part. For instance, biologically transgender people are born (largely) one sex or the other. At the same time biologically and neurologically transgender people are born with brains that execute the mating strategy (gender) of the opposite sex.

The national ignition facility has reported at a press conference that they have gotten more energy out of a controlled thermonuclear reaction than was put in.  We’ve gotten out more energy from thermonuclear fusion before, using bombs.  The issue is getting the energy out in a way that is useful.  This relates to Elon Musk in that he is, like fusion power, one who will over promise but under perform.  The key difference that the researchers would tell you is that the media over promises and hypes up their work.  Meanwhile Elon Musk will overpromise on technology, free speech, space travel, tunnels, solar roofs, stock prices, and everything else.  These are things his “Twitter files” PR agents like Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and othe