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Chidambaram Ramesh
About Chidambaram Chidambaram Ramesh is a freelance researcher, internationally published author and social activist. Currently he is working to re-discover and re-establish many forgotten by scientifically important ideas of ancient/medieval periods by bringing them under the real of contemporary science, especially the quantum science. His findings on Palingenesis - the alchemical science of resuscitating spectral plants from their ashes and their link to quantum bio-hologram (which acts a biological blueprint to guide the constitutional mechanism of all organisms) are important. His latest book "The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition or Quantum Bio-Hologram" attempts to provide scientific explanation to the miraculous image on the Holy Shroud of Turin. According to him, every organism or its part, even after its physical death, is capable of manifesting the entire 3-D geometrical structure (which is a quantum hologram). It works on the principle of phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance as theorised by researchers like Dr.Mitchell, Dr.Sue Benford, etc
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