Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims A Legacy Hijacked By The Oppressive Puritans.

The Pilgrims were not the same group as the Puritans who many Americans, especially but not...

Gravitational Waves In 3D, Thoughts On Visualization Of A Fundamentally Different Astronomical Messenger.

One of the strongest results that Astronomy can produce is an image, a picture of a distant natural...

MicroBooNE Finds No Hint Of Sterile Neutrino. Science Advances By What We Do Not Find Too.

MicroBooNE did not find the sterile neutrino which it was designed to instead it found the absence...

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Currently I am an adjunct professor at the College of DuPage. My research focuses on astrophysics from massive star formation to astroparticle physics. Born and raised in Chicagoland I have lived... Read More »


A Theory of Everything has been the subject of many pages of journals and of much more ink spilled. Sean Carroll makes the point that at low energies, and within a domain of validity that applies to every day physics, we have such a theory already.  Everyday high energy physics, every day astrophysics and of course the physics of your daily life are all well understood.  A Theory of Everything would really be a theory about that singular event from which everything we can know of sprang, the big bang. Also good luck and godspeed to Jim Bridenstine, Lady Gaga inagurated the first Hunger Games Quarter Quell.  I will also expalin why scientists must be political while remaining true to objective scientific facts. 

The following is an evolving news story. It seems that a disgruntled staffer changed the website of the department of state to indicate that the President has resigned. This appears to be false. I have sought comment from the White House, the personnel on the phone had no idea this was even an issue. While a formal comment or press release about this is hopefully going to occur, it can be said that Buzz Feed's reporting is likely accurate. Now it is abundantly clear that the hack of the department of states website was not a leak of any kind. Mike Pence and Donald Trump are going to work together to the end of his term. Per business insider.

Jan 6 th 2020 will be remembered as a day of farce and tragedy in close proximity.  Right now, passions are high, tensions are high.  Right now, is the time when scientist and academics must hew to our basic principles and the principles embodied in the constitution.  Even as leaders, especially but not exclusively Trump, not exclusively Republican fail to do so.  We are voices of reason who the general public greatly respect even when they disagree.  The very rancor of the anti-science people left and right comes from the fact the value what we say.  Their anger comes from the fact that people whose training they understand the value of

Space Force has chosen the term guardians for what to call them.  As in Army soldiers, Navy sailors, Marines…marines.  What gets tricky now a days is calling Airmen, airmen. Some have said that guardians are too sci fi.  The truth is it really is not, and a space focused military force would look like science fiction until it was commonplace.  The name is thoughtful anyone can be a guardian if they have the right stuff.

It is not sexist to avoid calling Jill Biden Doctor Biden in situations where her doctorate is not relevant.

Gravitational waves and particle physics experiments being mixed is  something  I  have theorized  about for  a couple of years (1).     Now a new paper by  Suvrat  Rao,  Marcus  Brüggen, and  Jochen  Liske has  taken  this to  another  level (2).   They have worked out and demonstrated in detail how a circular particle accelerator such as the LHC could be used to observe gravitational waves in the mHz range.  This differs from experiments such as LIGO and LISA in the physical mechanism by which the gravitational waves would be detected.