The most important service to physics can be revealing that there are problems to be solved rather than solving them.   As the Nobel laureates, prize winners, Alain Aspect and John F. Clauser  did by demonstrating the fundamental difference between classical and quantum mechanics.  Anton Zeilinger who also won for his key work on teleportation and quantum information.  These are kin to the fundamentals of electricity in terms of how they may effect human technology in the future. 
Spooky action at a distance 

In simple text friendly terms suppose you have two USB thumb drives.  One half of the files from a larger drive are copied onto one.  The other half are copied onto the other drive.  You then loose track of which drive is which.  You did not label them, they are externally identical USB thumb drives.  Those two thumb drives are then separated by Fed Exing one to Los Angeles and the other to New York.   The drives are then read.  

Once one drive is read you now know which information is on the other drive.  Did the information travel to you faster than light or was it set in the first place?  Now suppose instead of current year USB thumb drives you are using 24th century isolinear data shards with quantum information on them instead of classical digits.    For such a device the state of the information would be fundamentally in flux, and probabilistic until it is read. 

Strange problem strange solutions. 
While we have found practical uses for this phenomena we still don't fully understand how it works.  Some solutions that have been proposed are fully classical, some are fully quantum, others are a mixture of both.  

It is possible that there is a universe filling quantum wave function.  So the information does not really travel through a classical space over a classical distance and so there is no violation of Einstein's theory.  This idea is expressed in what is known as Bohmian quantum mechanics. 

It is possible that two entangled particles are connected by a quantum scale wormhole.  This proposal, that ER=EPR is due to Leonard Susskind et al.  The information would be transmitted classically via a wormhole which is a timelike path from one point in space time to another.  

It is possible that we need to resort to quantum field theory in curved space time or even full blown quantum gravity to fully understand how all of this works.  That the universe filling field described by 
David Bohm's quantum mechanics is in some way the same as space-time itself? 

There are no hard and fast answers to this question and work on the fundamental foundations of Quantum Mechanics can be dangerous.  We know quantum mechanics works.  To do science on its foundations means having to question what we are sure we know.  To do so can be as the video above says career suicide.  

It's much safer to stick to areas of research with lots of people working on them already.  Areas which will get lots of funding, and produce lots of publications, and citations.  

The safe work, however, is not what gets one a Nobel Prize.   

If you have the graduate level education in physics go for it.  Do that cutting edge science few are working on and you too may someday be a laureate. 
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