A new paper in Environmental Science&Technology Letters (created a decade ago to ride the 'everything causes cancer' craze) claims that not only are 'microplastics' harmful - because in modern times we can detect anything in anything and if you can detect it, it is killing you - you can and should remove them by both boiling and filtering the water in your home.

It is so bizarre - we'd have been extinct 150,000 years ago if our bodies did not have the ability to harmlessly excrete lots and lots and lots of trace chemicals - that no mainstream media outlet would promote it.

Oh wait, dozen of them will, because scaremongering science and the modern world is easy clickbait. Like the Washington Post, which is trying to overtake the New York Times as the official publication of the U.S. woo-driven left. They uncritically - because journalism exited that building the moment a rich guy in the political tribe bought them as his plaything - promote the finding.

Boiling in their experiment reduced nanoplastics up to 80%! So you're dying more slowly, right? No, there is no evidence you are dying of nanoplastics or microplastics any more than a fly's beating wings are impacting the moon. Those are impacting the moon, we can detect the impact, but that does not make it relevant. Just like microplastics whether you boil water or not.

The authors say that boiling and filtering your municipal water, or well water, will help, but they only found an effect in 'hard' water. That's right, the mineral water you pay so much to buy, because it is naturally filtered through limestone deposits - killing you.  If you believe in magic, anyway.

Anyway, the authors argue that in water with more natural mineral content, boiling will rid you of those pesky nano/microplastics that no one can show has ever harmed anyone.

Should you do it? No. Just because they can detect it, and some epidemiologists correlate it to negative outcomes the same way they correlate pickles to cancer (and the drop in piracy to the upswing in genetic engineering) doesn't mean your water has to be treated the same way water full of viruses, protozoa, and bacteria are. Your municipal water already has those eliminated, and useful chemicals like chlorine and iodine won't help with invisible plastic particles so they say you should boil it just to be sure.

Create more global warming to get rid of 80% of harmless trace levels of three constituents of plastic. Women and minorities impacted most!

Science and health journalists always have the same tired shield for promoting nonsense - 'we just report studies' - while denying that they were hired, and editors pick among articles they pitch, so that the content is appealing to the demographic their advertisers want to reach. This kind of thing is embraced by the left because they distrust science, they will rush out to buy water filters and emit greenhouse gases boiling water unnecessarily.

The right wing isn't immune, though. Until 2021 and the COVID-19 vaccine, they believed that government should get out of the way of innovation and unnecessary increases in cost to wade through bureaucratic red tape. Now they have come around to being like Environmental Working Group or any other puppet site of the fifth columnists at the Tides Foundation - everything 'needs more testing' and government is colluding with Big Business and putting profit over health.

They may even embrace cell phone conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - oh wait, they are already doing that.