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As reported in the New York Times, a file labeled "Lee Harvey Oswald" was recently discovered in the attic of a home where former United States Senator John G. Tower once lived. The file was owned by Mrs. Lilla Burt Cummings Tower and was found in the attic of a house she once owned in the Kalorama area of Washington DC. The file contains a total of 22 historically significant documents including a handwritten letter from accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, to Senator Tower. The undated letter was written to the Senator from Minsk, U.S.S.R., where Oswald lived from January 1960 through June of 1962. Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959 and remained in U.S.S.R. until the summer of 1962.

The letter requests Senator Tower's assistance in returning to the United States. Oswald claims in the letter that he " ... came to the Soviet Union for a residential stay" and was now being held by the Soviets, " ... against his will and expressed desires." He asks the Senator to raise the question as to why the Soviets were not allowing him to return to the United States.

The letter was submitted to a forensic document and handwriting examiner, who concluded the writing to be the genuine and authentic handwriting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

In addition to the handwritten letter, the file contains an additional 21 documents, six (6) written before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and an additional fifteen (15) written after the assassination.

The documents written prior to the assassination include letters from officials of the Foreign Service of the United States, Senator Tower, Oswald, the U.S. Department of State, and a note from a member of the Senators staff. The documents written after the assassination include a note dated November 22, 1963, letters from the Department of Justice, the Department of State, including then Secretary of State Dean Rusk, President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, as well as a letter from Senator Tower, excerpts from a speech given by Tower from the Senate floor, and a newspaper article.

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