That's too bad. Pope Benedict XVI just let go with a very unfortunate judgement, which betrays just how much the catholic church would like to force a control on our society.

In a new-year speech he gave in front of diplomats, Benedict touched the subject of the way sexual education is taught in Europe:

"Proseguendo la mia riflessione, non posso passare sotto silenzio un'altra minaccia alla libertà religiosa delle famiglie in alcuni Paesi europei, là dove è imposta la partecipazione a corsi di educazione sessuale o civile che trasmettono concezioni della persona e della vita presunte neutre, ma che in realtà riflettono un'antropologia contraria alla fede e alla retta ragione."

Quick-and-dirty translation:

"To continue with my thoughts, I cannot silence myself on another threat to the religious freedom of families in some European countries, where the participation to sexual or civil education courses is mandatory. There, an idea of the person and of life are broadcast which are supposedly neutral, but in reality reflect an anthropology which is opposed to faith and to the reason of believers."
These catholics are obsessed with sex. It's the proof that too little of a good thing is worse than too much of it ;-)